This could be the end

Hello guys.

I have yet to blog for almost half a year now. I promised I’ll do the Oscars project, but life took over and fast forward to today, It’s already the second day of June.

After much thought, I decided to shut down this blog. I’ve been blogging since I was a little fetus (not literally), and writing on blogs kept my sanity back when I was a walking hormone (aka teenage years). I loved writing. I love telling the universe how I feel and what’s going on with my life.

Not anymore.

As I evolved, I value my privacy more. I no longer want to be the open book of a person I once was.

Besides, blogging has completely changed from what it was. It’s no longer about freedom of expression or witty remarks and amazing life anecdotes. Blogging as become a business, a stream of money. People SOMETIMES lie in their blogs – or at the very least hide the truth – for some coins.

I’m not saying this caused blogging to diminish. I’m just saying I don’t want to be associated with “blogging” anymore if it means “PR”.

Anyway, the main reason why I’m shutting this blog down is I’m paying for hosting, and I don’t think I want to anymore. I just paid for a one-year hosting last March, so this blog will be open until March or April next year.

I’ll figure out a way to transfer contents of this blog to a free server. Or in the near future, I MIGHT but another domain, but I’m starting fresh. I might maintain anonymity then.

So there you go. I just would like to say thank you to everyone I’ve met through my past and present blogs. To Kuya Ederic who pretty much paved the way for the transition from my blogspot to my own domain. I am eternally grateful for the life lessons blogging has taught me, as well as the lifetime friends I met.

What’s in it for me in the future? As I’ve said, I might still continue blogging until I completely shut this down next year. Then I’ll move to a free site. I love reviewing make up, so I might still do that.

The future is scary, you guys, and I’m excited for it.

See you guys on the other side 🙂

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June 2, 2019