Revamps and Wutnot

Hello there. Okay, I’ve said last July that I’ll try to post more. But here I am, posting on September and totally skipping August.

There were various turn events in my life that priorities changed and I was not as interested as buying make up as I used to. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVEEEEE make up, and I will STILL buy products I very much fancy, but I no longer buy them just for the sake of trying them. I have tons of new stuff that I was not able to blog about anymore because I don’t think I want to (real reason: I alwats forget to take pictures of the “unboxings”. Sareh)

Anyway.So I am now trying to figure out the direction of this blog from now on. This will still include reviews and swatches, but again, I am no longer buying tons of make up, so that will be scarce.

I also promised to review Cinemalaya films this year buy I was not able to watch a single one because… life. Sorry, Cinemalaya. Maybe next year.

Maybe book reviews? I am barely reading a book a month.

Movie reviews are… exhausting sometimes.

Maybe I should go back to a more personal blog? Nah.

Meh. I’ll figure something out 🙂

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September 1, 2018