Review: Kris Brow Liner and Mascara

Kris Aquino’s social media videos are my current guilty pleasure. I’m not going to touch politics here. I find myself watching her videos until the wee hours in the morning because… I’m obsessed with her, okay!

Anyway, I decided to buy a couple of products from her partnership with Ever Bilena. It was out of curiosity more than about my obsession with her, really. Plus the prices are pretty reasonable.

Today well look into her Brow Pencil and Brow Mascara. They sell for P275 each.

Kris turned into a meme because of all her kilay-related sayings, and it’ not entirely unsurprising that one of her make up products is a brow pencil.

I got thee Happy Taupe because it was the only shade available at Lazada at my time of purchase. It think there’s a darker shade.

So what I really like about this brow product is it’s double ended BUT you get a pencil AND a mascara.

Sidenote, I am currently using Celeteque Dermocosmetics Eyebrow Defining Kit, which I pretty much adore (and that product seems never empty). I also tried Anne Curtis’ eyebrow pencil which I am not a fan of.

I usually just use the pigment from my celeteque and set it with a Jordana brow mascara I got for free from one of the Project Vanity events. I love this combination. But I just emptied my Jordana mascara, and thanks to some twist of fate, Kris released her own two-sided brow product.

So might as well try it.

Here’s the liner side:

It has a triangular-ish shape for more control and precision.

This is how much product you’ll get. If this is anything like Anne’s, this is not a lot. especially if you’re using this everyday.

Here’s the mascara side:

The tiny spoolie. Loving this:

Here’s what the product look when applied vs my bare, unkempt brow.

My thoughts:

  • I very much – VERY MUCH – appreciate that this has both the liner and the mascara. I’m pretty sure this is not the first product of this kind.
  • HOWEVER, before applying the liner, I always find myself searching a clean spoolie to brush my brow first. Since the other side of the brow pencil is a mascara, that’ll be too much to ask.
  • I think the color’s a little lighter and cooler for me, but I’m getting use to it.
  • Primarily, I thought there was no pigment when I applied the liner, but there really was something- it’s just light. I have no problem with it now, specially after I see the end result. My eyebrows look natural, and because it’s lighter, it’s not giving my face a strong vibe (aka bitch face)
  • There’s only two shades. Maybe for Filipinas, those are enough? I dunno.
  • Longevity is admirable. It lasts the whole day with no problem for me.

This is just an okay product for me. I’m still in love with my celeteque brow kit, and if that runs out (maybe in year 3037), I will repurchase this, only because for P275 I am getting both liner and mascara.