How to Register you 7-Eleven Rewards Card (or Cliqq card) – AN UPDATE!

I’ve been getting TONS of inquiries on my Activate your 7-Eleven Every Day! Rewards Card post in 2013. That was five years ago. Here’s an update on how to properly use your 7-Eleven Rewards card, except that it’s known as a Cliqq card now.

First of all, the basic idea is you need the Cliqq app installed on your phone. I have no idea if it’s possible to activate your card outside of their app. You can find the link to the app here.

This is what it looks like after you freshly open the app (in Android). I know. It looks horrible. The previous version of the app is 100x better aesthetic-wise. Just a side note.

You can either sign via your mobile number, or via facebook. Since I already have an account with them, I opted to sign in via my mobile number.

After I input my number, a verification code was sent to me. It took minutes before the sms arrived, so be patient.

Then, you’re in. I can’t get over the fact on how unpleasant the look of this app is.

Anyway, you can tap on that person icon on the upper left of the app.

This will bring you to the “profile” page of some sort.

Tap on “cards” on the lower right of the screen.

If you have previous cards registered to your number, it will show up here. As you can see below, I have three. I am about to register my fourth card. So, yeah, you need not another number to register a new card.

You just need to enter your card number. The app will prompt you if the registration is successful:

Viola! I now have four cards. Haha. I have zero idea on where my other two are. The third one was already semi-faded.

There you go! It’s easier to register a card now compared to five years ago. I just honestly wish they’ll invest on the look of the app because it’s hard to take the app seriously with that graphic, tbh.

February 4, 2018