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Sephora Philippine Halloween Frenzy 2017 Haul!

Hello friends!

Last October 26 and 27, Sephora Philippines once again sent Filipinas into frenzy when they announced their Halloween Frenzy Sale.

Another sale. Blah.


Ok, to spark your interest I’m going to start by stating that this sale allowed me to buy a Zoeva brush set, and for freebies I got two Kat Von D foundations and three KVD lippies. These freebies are in addition to the usual sachet samples Sephora gives out. And I also got a free Better Than Sex deluxe mascara. And a free Marc Jacobs liner.

All for the price of a Zoeva brush set.

Here were the mechanics of the sale: it was app-only sale so you need to install their app. Unlike their BeautyPass and Black Friday sales, only selected items are included. The discount rate depends on how much you purchase.


Purchases at least P2,000 and you get 30 percent off; at least P5,500 will give you 40 percent discount and; at least P11,200 will give you a glorious 60 percent discount.

Believe me, I did the math. It would be wiser to fill your cart up to more than 11.5k because the difference with the amount you pay when you buy 5.5k worth of products and 11.5k worth of products is miniscule.

BUT this is smart only of the items you’re eyeing for are included in the sale. Stuffing your cart with things you don’t need just to reach 11.5k is not smart at all.

I asked my girlfriends to split the 11.5k with me and I think that’s the smartest thing to go about it. I was easily able to fill out my cart because KAT VON D LIPPIES WERE INCLUDED OMG.

Anyway. Please do not think of this post as a brag because I am STILL poor and I practically saved up the whole year for this. Sephora’s Black Friday 2016 was a lesson for me So I started to save up for it. Look I even have a cannister:

LOL JK the actual money’s at the bank

ANYWAAAAY Black Friday’s a 20 percent off sitewide sale on November, but 60 percent off is SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER so I decided to spend my Black Friday money now instead. Ergo I am happy to announce that I will no longer be participating in the BF sale.

Or will I? Only time could tell. Also me. I can tell. No, I will not.

Or will I?


Hello my babies! And freebies babies… freebabies! (nope)

I was eyeing some brush sets that were at my cart since last month (I was preparing for BF!) and can you imagine my delight when I learned that maybe five zoeva brush sets that were on my wishlist were included in the sale?!

(Not all, tho. I wanted a particular Sigma brush which was not included. I’ll buy that next year on my birth month for double the rewards point because SEPHORA BLACK MOFOS! Ok jk double points are also enjoyed by Sephora White members. I just want to brag my Sephora status)

I included below are the regular prices to show how much discount I got for each item.

Zoeva Luxe Prime Set (Set Of 10)
P5,025.00 P2,010

I’ve been using the brushes for a few days now, and I absolutely love the 101 Luxe Face Definer (second from the right). I dunno why. I use this for my contour, and bronze and under-eye powder.

These are really good quality brushes, but I feel like I adore the face brushes more than the eye brushes.

The set came with the amazing high-quality pouch. I now use this as my vanity kit.

During my last SephoraPH purchase, I was able to get a sample size of KVD’s liquid foundation. It was my shade match, thank the gods, so I was able to wear it a whole day, and I loved it. I didn’t like it with the KVD primer but on itself, it was sooo good. It kept my oily skin at bay.

I found out that the foundation was included in the sale, so I bought two. I’m at awe on how much I saved on this. This will last me maybe half a year.

Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation (Medium 54)
P2,157.00 x 2 P862.80 x 2 = P1,725.6

I was ecstatic – ECSTATIC! – when I found out that both the liquid lipstick and bullet lipstick of KVD were included in the sale. I kid you not, I placed almost all the colors of both lippie lines in my cart but had to let go of almost all of them because even if 60 off was super attractive, I was still on a tight budget.

I already have these in other colors. Links of the reviews will be posted below.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (Miss Argentina)
P1,194.00 P477.60
[read my review of Lolita here]

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick (Hellbent and Cathedral)
P1,233.00 P493.20
[read my review of Bauhau5 here]

Here are the swatches:


I also received a hefty amount of freebies, including deluxe sizes of Better Than Sex Mascara and Marc Jacobs eye liner. Insert heart emoticon here.

What’s a Sephora mail without the samplers!

Sephora Collection Cleansing Cream Rose (3ml), First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser (2ml), Erborian Bb Crème Clair Shade (1.5ml)

Since I got 200 points from my last purchase, I was able to score two deluxe samples.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Deluxe Mini Highliner Blacquer and Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (Deluxe)

I know I live the mascara since I already tried it. Is it better than sex? No. Even the Marc Jacobs mascara is better. I mean it’s really a good mascara – it’s my second favorite mascara – but it only comes second to MJ.

This was also included as a freebie – an adorable tote bag! My LG V10 for scale. It’s of decent size ah.

Sephora “I Shop Online At Sephora.Ph” Tote Bag

And here’s my gift as a Sephora Black member which I will continuously brag about till I die.

Sephora Beauty Pass Exclusive Sephora Black Welcome Gift

If you’re not paying that much attention to the price, here’s a summary:

Subtotal: P12,999.00
Discount: P7,799.50
Total: P5,199.50


Basically, I bought the brush set on a regular price (a little more than 5k), and got the KVD products for free!!!

Oh what joy.

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