Aika and Mikay’s Adventure – Hong Kong 2k17!

M and I enjoyed our annual vacation from August 24 to 30. This year, we chose to visit Macau and Hong Kong. This is our third time abroad together since we went to Vietnam five years ago and  in Bangkok last year.

All way ready and set, except that THAT part of the world experienced their strongest typhoon in recent years a day before our visit.

So we were, like, ok, the typhoon already passed. The next days will be bright and sunny. There’s little chance that there will be another typhoon in the next coming days, right?


Here are the links to the blog posts. These will be available as soon as I am done writing them, so you can expecting them maybe before the mid-term elections in 2019? HAHAHAHAHA

I’m not even kidding.



October 4, 2017