Maybelline Color Jolt Matte

I was not able to contain myself and participated in BeautyMNL’s Lipstick Week even though I promised myself that I’ll slow down on my lippie purchases.

Ha. Like that’s going to happen.

Anyway, I opted to try Maybelline’s Lip Studio Jolt Matte since I think this was the first time I was seeing this.

I bought these for Php 150 a pop since it was on sale. Original price is Php 299 each.

Here are my color picks:

Vanity Violet

Vanity Violet is is a pink-violet which looks rather less intense on the lips than in the package and the actual products. It’s an ok color. If you want color but is not bold enough to go all the way, you’ll like this color.

Flaunting My Pink

Flaunting My Pink may look very intense and bright and almost neon-y but it looks rather natural on the lips. It’s a gorgeous color of muted barbie doll pink.

Vamp Red

Vamp Red is a beautiful, vivid red. I absolutely adore this type of red. The shade remind me of Too Face’s Lady Balls.

The packaging reminds me of Too Faced’s Melted Liquid Lipsticks, only significantly smaller.

It has a cusion-y tip applicator with a little hole on it where the product will dispense from. I actually liked this applicator than that of TF because it allows more precision because of its pointed tip.

Here are the swatches:

Here are my thoughts:

  • I’m not a fan. I initially like it but it has nill staying power so this is definitely a pass for me.
  • It did not survive lunch. And when I say did not survive, I mean there was not even a slight tint left of my lips after eating.
  • This is such a disgrace since I realllyyyy adore Vamp Red and I also like the applicator.
  • Also, it’s the non-drying kind of matte. It looks matte on the lips but it does not feel matte.
  • The staying power is the only downside, really. I will definitely not pay for its regulat price. Sorry, Maybelline.

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