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Project Vanity 9th Anniversary: Guts, Glam, and Glory (plus an awesome kit!)

Ok I was supposed to post this a bit earlier, but I was busy (watching Critical Role and Blindspot. OMG you guys those shows!) so I opted to do this as my Feature Friday for the week. However, I forgot about that so this will just be a totally random post. Why the hell not.

Last weekend, L and I attended Project Vanity’s 9th Anniversary Celebration at The Podium. It was an afternoon of women empowerment.

The whole event was open to anyone (I’m assuming, because it was held in the middle of a mall), but we paid Php 995 for a limited edition kitfilled with more than Php 8,000-worth of goodies. Good deal, right?

But first, here are some photos of the event.

(host  Karla Aguas)

(PV founder herself, Ms. Liz Lanuzo)

(Cosmo ladies Gab Ignacio and Chandra Pepino)

One of the speakers was Ms. Darlyn of Viviamo aka the lady behind BDJ. I can’t stress enough how I loooove BDJ so I immediately freaked out when I saw her. Happiness ❤

(Ms. Liz, Ms. Ros Juan of Commune, Ms. Angela Dinglasan of Zenutrients, and Ms. Darlyn)

Congrats, Project Vanity Team, and happy anniversary!

Ok, I know you’re here to check out what’s inside their Guts, Glam and Glory Kit. So, without further ado…

First, let’s just point out how lovely the pouch is. I can definitely use this in August:

The lootbag includes tons of awesome stuff, as well as generous (very!) vouchers. Here are the contents:

(I also was already able to use some of these so there might me a mini review here and there)

2017 Belle De Jour Power Planner:
Php 598 (ilovebdj)

I’ve used thr BDJ plannet multiple years already so I don’t need to justify how awesome their planners are. A quarter of the year had passrd already so I won’t be able to use this anymore. I might use the pages for something else, though.

I am more excited with the voucher book included in the planner. Yaaaaz!

Christian Faye Brow Duo Powder
Php 1,850 (BeautyBar)

I am soooo sorry but I haven’t heard of Christian Faye until now. I got a eyebrow powder while L got something else. I was suprised that this cost almost twice as much as how much I paid for the whole kit! I can’t wait to try this. I am still trying to hit the pan of my Celeteque brow powder which I adore.

Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay 24H Gel Pencil Eyeliner (Peppermint)
Php 599 (BeautyBar)

Funny story – after the event, L and I were walking around The Podium and went inside Happy Skin. L swatched a beautiful mint green eyeliner from Happy Skin and I told myself how pretty it was (mint is my current favorite color). Little did I know that I have the exact liner on my PV loot! I’m so happy!

I only used this once so far in my water line, and it has decent staying power, with all fairness. Although, I am not going to wear a mind green waterliner everyday. So.

I just adore the color so much.

Zenutrients Comforting Massage Oil
Php 358 (BeautyMNL)

I was already able to use this immediately because I am into kettleballs now (IKR!) and my body was PMSing so I had tons of body ache lately, and this REALLY was a welcome relief. I also used this on menstrual cramps. How very timely to get this bottle <3

Essence Mosaic Blush (Kissed By The Sun)
I’ll try to find how much this is

This one, I’m not sure. It looked LOVELY on hand and finger swatches, but they just won’t translate to my cheeks. Maybe this should not be called a blush, but a highlighter. Yep. It worked better as a highlighter.

Pink Sugar x Project Vanity These Lips Don’t Lie Matte Lip Crayon (Ready in Five)
Php 399 (pinksugar)

I have a review of this here.

K-palette Real Eyelasting Eyebrow 24h (01 Natural Brown)
Php 795 (beautybar)

I was not able to try this yet because I am alternately using two eyebrow products at the moment (a powder and a pencil) and I think that’s already excessive. But I read great reviews about this one. So.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Mono (Shade)
I’ll try to find how much this is

I also have not tried this yet so I can’t attest yet to its longevitiy. Color’s gorgeous, though.

Jordana Fabubrow Shape and Set Brow Gel (Shade)
I’ll try to find how much this is

Another eyebrow product.

Flormar Deluxe Cashmere Stylo Lipstick (shade)
I’ll try to find how much this is

I was being a bitch and I set my mind that I am not going to like this one, BUT I DID! I love this. The color’s SO NOT ME, but I still adore this lippie. I will try to write a separate review on this one.

Ellana Mineral Loose Foundation (French Vanilla)
Php 499 (ellanacosmetics)

I am already using Ellana’s mineral foundation as my setting powder (and as a stand alone powder foundation during the weekends when I don’t want to wear too much make up). This one’s awesome. All the good reviews are justified (I would NOT say that this is a full coverage foundation, though).

My Amazing Hair Secrets Blow Dry Conditioner

I have yet to try this. I am still waiting for a special occasion hahaha.

Inglot Lipstick Matte in the shade 501
(price pending)

I am not a fan of this. I am so sorry. This is my first Inglot product and I was underwhelmed. Longevity’s meh. Color’s meh. This matte lippie will highlight the cracks on your lips. I was not also a fan of the fact that I needed to find a lip brush (which I have, surprisingly. My other favorite one’s missing though).

I like the scent, though.

THERE YOU GO! I think the whole 9th Anniversary pasabog of PV was worth getting out of the house for (it was super hot that day… then it rained hard in the afternoon). The talks alone was nice, but the kit is SUPER DUPER WORTH IT.

Thank you, Project Vanity!

PS. L and I was also attracted to this little baby:

Heavy-Duty Bi-liner by Browhaus in Midnight Blue
Originally priced Php 498, we got it at a 40 percent discount (Php 299)

I grabbed this at 40% off and I do like this liner. The color’s beyond the basic black, longevity is good, and I like that you can either use this as a normal liner, or use the smudging brush to smoke out the liner. Pretty good liner.

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