Stop Home Credit from calling you!

Ok. Let’s post something none make-up related today. This is going to be a long rant so beware.

Did this happen to you?

*your phone rings*
You: hello?
Caller: Hi this is Agent from Home Credit Philippines. I would like to ask if you’re in contact with Person?
You: yeah, we talk on FB. Who is this again?
Caller: I’m from Home Credit. I’m going to leave our number please tell Person to call us.
You: umm… Ok?

So. Your Friend who is only your Friend because you spent your childhood together apparently gave a credit company your name as “character reference” without even consulting you. Now, this company, Home Credit, calls you everyday – EVERY FUCKING DAY – to ask for said Friend’s number. EVERY FUCKING DAY.

You were shookt. Wait, did I use that word right?

So that literally happened to me. For several days now, these people from Home Credit Philippines – which I haven‘t heard of yet until now – were BUGGING me by calling me on irregular hours asking for Friend.

I don’t even know that nature of that company! What do they do? What are their services? No. Freaking. Idea.

Our common friend, M, apparently was also made a “character reference” without her knowledge and they called her today 15 times according to her.


We don’t own Friend. We are not her mom. Stop calling us.

The worst thing about this was that according to one of the agents that I talked to, an investigation was needed so that they can take off my name from their list entirely.


So let me get this straight:

– I was made a “character reference” of person without even consulting me, without my knowledge.

– Home Credit is incompetent and irresponsible enough NOT no verify said character references before transacting with Friend.

– Now, the “character reference” who have NOTHING TO DO with the transaction or even the company are the ones suffering after Friend refuses to deal with said company.

Tell me how that’s a legit, good, and competent business model. Who do such evil thing for money – cause inconvenience to people who very much would not like to be a part of the narrative (shout out to my girl Taylor)?

Now, if said people DEMAND to be excluded from this whole thing, there’s a condition? There’s a need for an investigation?

(I have signed as guarantor for a couple of times now and THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT MOFOS. CONSENT IS KING!)

What kind of fucking company is that?

Of course I let them know this.

For several days now I have talked to maybe half a dozen peope about this problem.

First I would like to apologize to the ladies I talked to – to Loyda, to the person who sounded like she cried, to the front desk in their main office who just hanged up the phone. I apologize because your company is evil. I know you guys are just doing your job but if you guys have the patience to deal with me – except for that front desk girl – you’re better off working for other companies who have regards to other people’s convenience.

So here’s their process. They made me email stating why I needed to be excluded. That itself pissed me off already. I don’t owe you guys anything. To be taken off that list is MY RIGHT. Why do *I* have to me the effort?

But I still did that, but they wanted me to wait for 24 hours. In the mean time I still recieving calls in the morning.

I won’t have this bullshit.

So since then, hell broke loose. I demanded to be given the number of the management or the deletion department but they won’t give me the numbers. I called the head office (as opposed to customer support and collections) and asked to be connected to the number of management or any officer but the girl just hang up on me after I insisted she give me what I demanded.

In all the rejection of the contact numbers I requested, I just repeated my point: if you guys have the audacity to just call me anytime you want, I have the right to call and talk to your management anytime I want.

Again, I don’t owe them anything. They are giving ME an inconvenience.

After several calls, no one would give me the management’s number. There was this girl – I didnt catch her name – who was smart enough to connect me to her supervisor who personally looked into my issue. She called me back at the end of the day to tell me that I’m off the list (which I still doubt). That’s basically the farthest I’ve come.

Oh also, I also sent a message to their president. And I got a reply.

I have no problem with the people in Home Credit. Again, they were super patient with me. My problem is with the company itself. That was why I wanted to contact someone from the management or an officer to give them a piece of my mind on how awful their company is. And a customer support or collection agent and probably a supervisor will not do that.

So I searched for the company. At first Home Credit Philippines did not seem to be registered with SEC nor DTI. I figured they’re probably registered under a different name.

And they ARE registered under a different name (yes, they are SEC registered since… 2013 I think).

So I did my magic and was able to get hold of the contact details of their president.

And boy, did I rant.

Do you know that kind of rant letter that you’re doing more of because you want to get things out of your chest and less because you want to school the person you’re ranting to? That was my letter. It was super informal and partly ridiculous and funny because I was expecting it not to be read.

But the president replied. She apologized and said she would personally look into my concern.


If course I wanted it to be read. I just didnt really expect it. Does that make sense?

Well I have yet to decide if indeed this will have any effect on my demand to be taken off their list. If not, Ms. President will surely hear from me again. I’ll update you guys.

So there you go. If you find yourself in the same position as me, impose your right. Do no be bullied into submitting into inconvenience. Again, you don’t owe them anything. You deserve every apology in the world.

Also, let them know how awful their system is.

And for the record, said Friend, who now seizes to be my Friend, is really an unpleasant person. But that warrants for another story.