Look: Too Faced Melted Merry Kissmas The Ultimate Liquified Lipstick

As promised, here’s a look at Too Faced Merry Kissmas The Ultimate Liqyified Lipstick Set. This was a part of my December Sephora haul where I enjoyed a generous 20 percent off.

This sells for Php 1,502 and contains four deluxe sized Melted liquid lipsticks.

Two of the shades – Fig and Chihuahua – are of the regular line, I guess. The Chocolate Honey is from the Melted Chocolate line, while Lady Balls (teehee) is from the Melted Matte.

This what it looks like at thr back. You might find some useful information here. Also, how cute are the dog and the bird?

Here are my new babies. 1 peso and five peso coins for scale.


I understand how some people would find the applicator off puting. I have no problem with this but that’s because the colors on this collection does not demand precision in application (colors are not THAT vivid).

I like this applicator for the lighter, nudier shades. But precision is not its strongest suit.

The Melted Matte has a wand applicator. However, I still needed to use a lip brush in applying because the wand did not give me the precision that I wanted.


Fig is a soft berry color. I was expecting this to be PAK! PURPLE! but it’s not. Do not count on the color intensity. This is PERFECT for people who love to add a little color in their face but are not into vivid lippies.

I mean the wear of these lipies are good. Longevity varies (Fig did not particularly last on me), but comfort level is consistently goof throughout (except for the Melted Matte).

Chihuahua is a soft peach color. I find that this particular color lasted longer on me than Fig ang Chocolate Honey. I also like the color. Not my entire favorite, but I’m not mad at it. Again, i might not be the target audience of this shade. The formula’s good, btw.

Chocolate Honey is very aptly named. It’s a soft brown. I think it looks a little grayer than the Chihuahua, but they have the same color intensity – which is close to none.

I ADOREEEEE the smell of this one (like chocolate. Suprise!). I find myself putting this more because I just want to smell it!

Lady Balls (teehee) is ohh la la and easily my favorite. I mentioned in my haul post that I wore it in a wedding last weekend and son, I owned it. Not to bragged and all.


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I absolutely love Lady Balls. The formula of Melted Matte MAY/WILL cause some dryness but if you’re like me who adores matte lippies and is used to the dryness, then you’ll love this. Longevity is A+.

Here are some swatches on different light settings.

I really think that the Kissmass set is super worth the price, specially if you don’t own any Melted lippies yet.

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