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How To Deal With Birth Control Pills

Okay, let’s talk about birth control pills

First all all, sex, including birth control pills, is a taboo subject in the Philippines, which only leads to unwanted pregnancy, spread of sexually-transmitted disease, and even worse, death of a new-born or unborn child.

So for those people who feel iffy about the subject and thinks it’s improper to talk about it, then fuck you.

Anyway, there are a lot of reasons why women resort to birth control pills. Since it’s literally called “birth control” pills, they’re taken as a means of… birth control aka if you do not want to be pregnant.

Women also take BCP to regulate their hormones. There are tons of health issues that women face that are aided by BCP, like PCOS.

Since it’s such a taboo subject, let me help you, young girl who is not a minor I hope, on how you can possibly obtain a cycle of BCP.

Here are things you need to know if you’re thinking about getting a BCP but are too afraid to ask.

Don’t wing it

Whatever your reason for taking a BCP, you must ALWAYS consult your doctor first. There are tons of kinds of BCP, and taking the wrong kind could be a threat to your health. My doctor explained to me that some BCP can thicken the blood, so people with high blood pressure should not take it because it might lead to stroke.

THIS IS SERIOUS GUYS. Do not just take a pill just because your bestfriend is taking a particular brand.

Talk to your doctor

You should find a doctor and learn to trust them. Guys, they went through years of medical school so you have no reason to feel ashamed in talking to them.

Find an OB-GYN, or obstetrician-gynecologist. I find it hard to believe that a doctor will not prescribe BCP just because he/she believes in chastity or something. That’s ridiculous. If you find out, move on to the next doctor.

Talk to them truthfully. I just stated my reason for asking BCP, and my doctor was not judgmental at all, like she hears this kind of stuff all the time – BECAUSE SHE DOES. That’s her job. She asked me medical questions and gave me options.

Again, be open about this stuff with your doctor. They’re not your enemy.

Also, I think among the reason why it’s important to talk to a doctor is they will very much explain to your the risks, or the methods on how the BCP should be taken. You can also ask as much questions as you like (as you should).

Side effects

of course there’s going to be side effects. You’re altering your hormones. That’s why it is sooo important to talk to your doctor about this so they can help you deal with this.

The cost

Most women worries about the cost of consultation and the actual pills.

Some doctors are covered by your HMO. If you’re paying cash, it will not cost you more than P1,000 for a consultation. Mine cost P400. Make sure to ask upfront how much a consultation costs.

Pills are not that expensive as well. Well, mine cost less than P200 for a whole cycle. However, I think mine was among the least expensive. Some pills cost less than P1,000 for a whole cycle.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to post a question below. I might answer “consult your doctor”, but hey I’ll try my best.

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December 22, 2018