UPDATE! Fisher Box Office VIP Cinema (Fishermall, Quezon City)

In January 2017, I posted a blog entry on then-new Fisher Box Office VIP cinema at the parkway of Fishermall, which I absolutely loved. Since then, Fishermall opened two more VIP cinemas inside the mall.

So I checked out the relatively newer cinemas upstairs.

You can now buy tickets online for the VIP cinemas (including the one in the parkway), which is a great development from their manual ticketing system just over a year ago. You can find the VIP cinemas at the same floor where their regular cinemas are located. You cannot miss it because of the attractive cinema lobby design.

Tickets cost Php510 at that time.

I watched Avengers: Infinity War. Ticketing for the VIP cinemas inside the mall is just outside the actual cinema, next to the popcorn counter.

Oh, by the way you get unlimited popcorn and coffee, but only a serving of iced tea or soda.

Some notes from the cinema:

Here’s the very attractive lobby. There’s a relatively ample amount of seats for those waiting for their movies.

There’s also a big screen at the lobby, which at the time I was there, was broken:

I noted that the amount in my ticket was different from the amount I paid for. Hello, BIR?

There’s also a freaky coin-operated “fortune teller” at the lobby. I was so curious, but I didn’t try it.

I adore the steampunk design of the cinema.

Even the comfort room is steampunk-inspired.

My thoughts:

  • I love the overall theme of the cinema.
  • Like the cinema at the parkway, they also provided blankets which smelled really clean.
  • Although they provided blankets, the cinema was really not that cold. It was the perfect, non-distracting temperature when I watched the Avengers.
  • What troubled me was how high the small table at the side was. It`s too elevated so it obstructed the view of the screen from my perspective.
  • I also felt like when the seat is fully reclined, there`s not much space between it and the row dividers. This might be a trouble if the people on the inner seats would want to go to the bathroom and the seat of the person on the aisle seat is fully stretched.

Do I prefer this over the one in parkways? Probably not, only because of the high tables. But everything else, I think is pretty similar. The money is still well spent, specially if the movie is good.


There`s this guy who pretty much plagiarized my Fisher Mall post (thanks to one of the comments who brought it to my attention). I sent a message through his blog and through his facebook account (yup, there is no mention whatsoever of his FB page on his blog but that`s what I do – I find people). He deleted the post since. It`s SUCH A SHAME since he was from the same university as me.

What`s funny was he was able to actually experience the cinema, but instead of writing with his own words, he made the stupid decision of copying other people`s work. WTFH, right?