Sinaya Cup (and how to get started with menstraul cups)

I’m in that phase in my life where I want to eliminate my waste product as possible. I will probably write another post for that. But, yeah, I’ve been trying to avoid non-reusable items as much as I can.

Every month, almost all girls produce shitload of waste for something very natural aka sanitary napkins and/or tampons. I have seized to use sanitary napkins, and I would like to believe that tampons are more environment friendly than napkins (I was using a no-plastic tampon).

Since I live in a pretty conservative country, it’s kind of a taboo to insert anything in a woman’s hoo-haa unless said woman is married to it. So the use of tampons and diva cups are virtually unheard of.

Honestly, if I can marry my tampons, I would do it.


My love for non-pads started when I finally had the courage to buy and try a local-brand tampon sold at Lazada, and my life – I am not even exaggerating – changed for the better. Since then, I am forcing all my friends to leave their napkin ways and switch to blissful tampons.

I have yet to convert a friend. Well. It’s their lost.

Anyway, my tampon supply is already running low so I decided to finally switch to 100x more intimidating diva cup or menstrual cup because I would like to eliminate my waste entirely.

Basically, you insert the cup thing inside your vagina so as to catch the blood. That’s actually it. That’s the very literal explanation of how the diva cup works.

I will write something comprehensive about pads vs tampons vs menstrual cups, but first let me tell you about my maiden cup experience. That sounded dirty.

I found the local brand, Sinaya Cup (Php 1,199) and ultimately ordered from them because Filipina supporting Filipina is a thing now and I’m here for it.

The delivery took days, and I think that’s fast because they’re not in a “pre-order” season.

If you’re not familiar with how to use a menstrual cup, there’s no shortage on how to put one on YouTube. Also the Sinaya Cup box. There are actual illustration in the Sinaya Cup box.

Did that picture make you uncomfortable? It shouldn’t.

The actual cup comes with a gorgeous pouch. It’s lined on the inside, and it’s actually made of high-quality product.

The cup came in two sizes. Check out the guide here.

Here’s what it actually looks like. Very intimidating, right?

So you’re going to need to insert this inside you:

HAHAHAHHAHA. Dont you worry, there are tons of fold you can do. YES YOU HAVE TO FOLD IT OMG.

Apparently these are the more popular ones:

I also love the measurement detail.

You have to boil the cups first before using it for the first time.

I highly suggest that you read articles or watch You Tube videos on the matter. There are plenty of those.

Thoughts on diva cups

Oh boy.  I get how diva cups can be incredibly intimidating. A friend once warned me that it could take tons of practice to get used to these cups. She wasn’t kidding.

If you’ve been using sanitary pads all your life, I suggest you go with tampons for a couple of cycles first. Then switch to diva cup. I’ve been using tampons for a while now, and I found myself still struggling with the cup.

NOTE: do not “practice” putting this on when you’re not on your period. The natural lubrication brought by your period will help A LOT. (this also goes with tampons)

It’s also important to remember that putting it on is not the only struggle. Making sure that the cup opens up inside is also a thing you should consider. I read that firmer cups will open easily. You can also search for fold that will work for you. I found the “labia fold” the easiest fold to do for me.

Putting it on is pretty easy for me since I am a tampon user. You can cut the stem of the cup if it’s too long. Basically, you know that everything is fine if you can’t feel the thing inside you.

On my initial use, I had no problem what so ever, but I was in a constant fear that the cup did not open inside. Well, apparently it did.

Needless to say, I LOVE MY CUP! Tampons could only last you 4 to 6 hours, but diva cups can last for about 12 hours!! THE POSSIBILITIES! I didn’t need to change at work, and I was able to use this while sleeping!

PLUS — I don’t have to purchase any tampons or sanitary napkins anymore! OH WHAT BLISS! Do you guys have any idea how fucking expensive sanitary napkins are (the good ones ah)?

Will I suggest this to friends? YES! But I would suggest that you start with tampons first. I will also warn them that it WOULD take a lot before they get use to it, but it will be soooo worthy.

Thoughts on Sinaya Cup

This is my first menstrual cup and I have nothing to compare it to. Did the Sinaya Cup it serve its purpose? Yes. Did it serve its purpose well? Yes.

Will I suggest it to friends? Also yes. Again, Filipina supporting Filipina is a thing.