The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale (Manila 2018)

At  around four or five in the morning on a Saturday, I went to the World Trade Center in Pasay to attend the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. It’s a 24-hour sale of books sold books with, as they claim, 60 to 80 percent discount.

I imagine filling up at least two big carts with books. My soul was ready.

Boy, was I disappointed.

Here’s my experience. I read posts by people who have different experience than me. Good for them. I also read people who were as disappointed as I was.


My major beef was the selection of the fiction books. Or the lack thereof. There were some good titles here in there, but they were not worth waking up earlier than 4am for. There was literally a “this is not all of it, right?” moment for me.

I found that weird because I did saw some books posted by those who attended the preview a day before the actual opening, and there were some good hauls. The photos of “earlier hauls” were sooo different from what I saw that Saturday morning. There was no Hunger Games (I was not gonna buy it. Just an example of the absence). The Paulo Coelho sets were also absent.

(Ok, there were copies of Millenium Series which were among my most favorite books but I already read those and I didn’t need to buy then, do I?)

I was also particularly looking for a Gaiman and Palahniuk which J, who attended the preview, saw. I didn’t find a single Gaiman. I also wanted a couple of Archie comics, which J bought. I even searched the Arts and Crafts section for them you guys! For four hours! Did they hide it? Were they sold out? I had no fucking idea but I was soooo annoyed by this.


I also saw the new Harper Lee novel there.

So basically the people who were fortunate enough to have a preview (J invited me, but I had work), were the lucky ones.


As shitty as their fiction selection was, their non-fic and arts and crafts and children’s books were above average. So if you’re into those, do not miss this.

There were also some decent graphic novels, but, again, not much titles.


Ok, here’s the deal. Prices range from P190 to P270 to P340. There were also som 500 something. Those which exceed the P1k mark were pretty effing special books. Are they cheap? Sure – if you like what you’re buying and there’s a 100 percent chance  that you’ll ACTUALLY read it.

When I was gravely disappointed while I was there I thought to myself, why don’t I just buy the cheap ones no matter the title because these are cheap anyway.

First, unless I really like the title, cheap for me’s P50.

Second, if I buy a P190 book I may or may not read, but it was originally priced, say, P500, I didn’t save P310, I just spent P190 for a book I may or may not read.

Ever since I started giving away my books years ago, I try not to buy books that will only eventually collect dusts. So I was sooooo disappointed with the selection at BBW because there were only a few titles that I find myself actually reading. I only bought 9 books – two of those were coloring books no joke.

And here’s the thing, I spent P2.1k for 9 books, but last MIBF, I spent P2.3k for 8 books – including four Gaimans, a Palahniuk, and a P900+ graphic novel. I was sooo proud of that purchase, and I already read half of that. So, if I had to choose, I’d go with a book sale with a smaller discount with better selection.

(The “ohh it’s a hardbound so it’ll have more value!” means nothing to me. The value of the book is not on the thickness of its cover, but the magic of the content)


Say, you have a title in mind and you asked a BBW staff for assistance and he or she was no help at all. Fret not because that’s a norm.

I overheard that the staff were actually students from a university. These are students.

While I was there I saw three kind of staff – those who were super scared of being asked, those who were just standing there talking to each other at the little corner of the hall, and those heroes who were returning the books mis-placed by the asshole customers.


I read countless stories where books were being hoarded. It’s not NOT allowed, but I always have a high regard for book readers that they are less of an asshole. I guess I was wrong.

This was also the reason I didn’t want to buy titles I probably will not read. I may not read it, but someone else would want to. I will not rob that person a chance to have a copy by not purchasing it for myself.

I just really hope that they will put limit on the quantity allowed to be purchased per title. A friend of my cousin from Quezon went all the way to Pasay to buy a book set of one of those YA title. The friend did not find any.

That’s a disgrace, Big Bad Wolf organizers.

They also announced that some titles will be available later. THEN WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU OPEN ALREADY WITHOUT DISPLAYING EVERYTHING? It’s unfair, specially for those people whose residence is four hours away from Pasay, maybe. It’s annoying as fuck.

The only redeeming quality of this booksale was the fucking amazing coloring books I now own (they’re special because they can handle watercolor!)

Okay, here are some photos from the book sale. Remember that these were taken really early in the morning.

If you’re worried about running out of cash, I saw at least one ATM. Plus, they accept credit cards.

This was among the best books I read in my life. Grab the Millenium Series if you can (if course I didnt because I already read it):

Here’s a photo of a pretty book:

Here’s also a great title:

I absolutely adored the movie.

This cake smells like a Too Faced palette aka chocolate:

Some Star Wars stuff on the “premium” table

This exists, but was rarely used

Here were some books I found on the cashier hall:

At the end, I went home with this tiny haul, but I pretty much liked them all:


February 19, 2018