Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink

I’ve watched good reviews of the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink months ago from foreign You Tubers, and in those times all I could do was wait until Maybelline remembers that the Philippines exists and they bring the products here.

Finally, they launched their matte inks here a couple of days or so ago! Or a week. Shrug emoticon.

(PS. Foreign YTers are NOW swatching NEW shades from this line – which will probably reach PH soil when I’m old enough to get a senior citizen discount. Fingers crossed.)

I was able to grab these on sale at Lazada for P249 (originally P299), and one of the colors I wanted sold out fast. So we’re stuck with these three.

Let’s begin the review.

Right off the bat, I thing the packaging is adorable and cute. Reminds me of Pantone swatches. It’s also unique, at least in thr Maybelline Universe.

I got 05 Loyalist, 20 Pioneer, and 25 Heroine.

The applicator has a hollow in the middle where products are deposited. The tip of the wand is also pointed which helped with easier application.

Here are the swatches:

First of all sorry for the awful swatches. I literally just woke up when I swatched these so a.) No foundation b.) I’m not makeing any effor at all to make them look perfect.

05 Loyalist is a peachy nude.

20 Pioneer is a gorgeous red (looks deeper IRL)

25 Heroine is a red-coral which looked pink at one point during the day, or maybe it was the lights.

My thoughts

  • The scent is STRONG. This has a similar smell to Revlon Ultra HD lippies, but waaaaay worse. Scents usually do not bother me, but this one did.
  • I was quite disappointed because it was hyped so much by the YTers but for me it was a “just ok” lippie.
  • Longivity is good – perhaps its strongest advantage to all the other liquid lipstick out there. However, pigments will fade on the inside or the corners of the lips quicker, and this will be super obvious for those more vibrant colors.
  • It would take a while to dry down, tho.
  • Here’s a proof of its longevity: i swatched this at night, took a bath with scrubs and all, slept, woke up, took a shower, and these were still on my arms:

  • It lasted more than 12 hours on me with zero re-application.
  • It’s not “I can’t even feel that I’m wearing any lippies”. I definitely can feel it. It was gritty, but very tolerable. I mean, I’ve experienced worse from other matte liquid lipsticks.
  • The impressive thing about this was even if I felt those tiny particles on my lips, the lippie did not look crumbly. As a mattet of fact, pigment is still even (aside from the inside of the lips or the corners of the lips)
  • Also, even if it felt gritty, it didn’t feel uncomfortably dry.
  • Will I recommend these to friends? Sure, if they don’t mind the little uncomfortable feeling. I think this is one of the better drug store liquid lippies out there, but it’s not a perfect product. Longevity alone will make the price you pay well worth it. Also, the smell is pretty strong on this one.
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January 20, 2018