In Her Element Rose Serum Moisturizer vs Cosrx Oil Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion

One of the most common mistake an oily-skinned person can make is to NOT use moisturizer.

I was among those people.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to put more moisture on one’s skin if said person’s skin is naturally “self-moisturizing”.

Oh boy was I wrong.

To explain it in the simpliest of terms, as you moisturize your skin, you trick it into thinking that it’s hydrated already and it doesn’t need to excrete more oil.

I was super skeptical at first, but I noticed how dramatically less oily my skin was after a long day when I started using moisturizer in the morning.

(I normally just used moisturizer at night, so no I was not abusing my fez).

Anyway, let’s talk about two moisturizers I’ve tried so far. I want to try more products available in the universe, but I am specifically targeting those made for oily skin. AND THEY EXIST, GUYS!

Here are the two I’ve tried so far.


I am all about supporting local brands made by Filipinas, and relatively new-comer In Her Element was among them.

I heard about IHE because I love Project Vanity. I was eager to try their products but a.) The first time they launched, I was not that invested in skincare yet (which was stupid), and b.) Let’s be real, the price range of their products are up there, compared to easily available skin care products.

I took advantage of their sale last November, and I was able to snag the rose gel for only P756 — that’s P716 + P40 for shipping.

The original price is P895, no shipping fee yet.

I was only able to take some pictures when my jar was 2/3 empty. Sorry!

It came with a spatula – not my favorite part.

I am NOT a fan of the spatula. As you can see at the image above, the spatula was adhered via a scotch tape of some sort which I carefully kept to hold the spatula.

I wish it came in a pump bottle instead or the spatula has its own compartment because I am super disorganized and I can easily lost that little spoon.


Do you know those pimple patches that do wonders to your zits? The first brand I tried was Cosrx and it blew my mind. It was super cheap and effective.

So when I saw an oil-free moisturizer released by the brand, I did not hesitate to try them.

Unlike the IHE one, this one came with a pump. Thank you baby Jesus. It’s the little things, you know.

And now, a head-to-head comparison

After-application feels

  • IHE is such a luxary. Whenever I applied this in the morning I couldn’t stop touching my face (don’t do that) because of how supple it felt. My skin’s not just moisturized. Deliciously supple is the correct words. It’s not sticky at all that’s why my face was soooo nice to just cuddle. Even after I applied an inch of layer of foundation (an exaggeration, of course), I would still want to touch my smooth face (dont do that).
  • Cosrx leaves a tacky feeling after application, but it’s not something that disturbs me. The tacky feeling could easily be masked by foundation.


  • IHE smells delightful.
  • Cosrx smells medicinal-y. Not like cough syrup. Like chinese herbal medicine.

Effect on the skin

  • To be honest, these two gave my skin the same moisture it needed. Whenever I use either of this, I noticed that my skin was producing less oil (the Cosrx more so, but the difference was super minimal). Or maybe it was a placebo. Maybe the foundation I was using. Eitherway I adore both.

Grams to Price ratio

  • IHE was P895 for 30g
  • Cosrx was P1,100 for 100ml


I am having a hard time deciding which one I will definitely re-purchase. I think the biggest factor here is the price since they both deliver the same end result, and that for me is the more important thing.

Cosrx may be more expensive but you’re getting thrice the grams as IHE. So quantity-wise, you’re getting a better bang for your buck with Cosrx.

However. I REALLLYYYY love how my face felt whenevet I used the IHE one. Plus, I know I am supporting a local brand. The jar lasted me two months of everyday use, BTW.


Again, it’s the little things. I feel like P900 for two months of smooth-to-the-touch face is pretty much worth it for me. I just hope they will redo the container or something.

I’m not saying that the Cosrx one is horrible, tho. If you’re on a budget, go ahead and get that one.

January 13, 2018