HK2017 Day 7: Goodbye, Hong Kong :(

This is a part of a series of photoblog posts re: M and I’s annual vacation. This year, we went to Hong Kong. This is a photoblog since I don’t want to commit to actual detailed blog posts because I’m lazy busy lazy. Read the series here.

This is it, our last day. I’m gonna miss the expensive food the most 🙁

Our flight’s at around 6 in the evening, so we decided to just take our time and enjoy the last day.

Also, we didn’t have any money left so it’s not like we want to do any more shopping to day.

Our last lunch:

Our MTR pass came with a one-way ticket to the airport. It was soooo efficient, I am incredibly jealous.

Oh, while at the airport, I saw the only Moana-related merchandise I came across with the entire time I was in Hong Kong. I love Moana, but it’s sad that there were no items related to my darling at Disneyland. Or maybe I missed it.

Good thing our flight was not delayed unlike our trip home from Bangkok, so we were not able to fully explore their airport.

Goodbye, Hong Kong. Your weather was fierce, your food was awesome, and everything you sell were expensive AF. But I did enjoy you and your efficient public transportation.

Thank you, Hong Kong. It was a delight 🙂

December 3, 2017