HK2017 Day 6: Causeway Bay and Ladies Market

This is a part of a series of photoblog posts re: M and I’s annual vacation. This year, we went to Hong Kong. This is a photoblog since I don’t want to commit to actual detailed blog posts because I’m lazy busy lazy. Read the series here.

Day 6 is our last full day in Hong Kong and naturally, this was the pre-designated shopping day.

We were not in a hurry at all since all he have in our itinerary was literally “to shop”. We went to Causeway Bay for the rest of the day, and Ladies Market at night since our hotel’s super near it.


But first, we grabbed our lunch at Delicious Kitchen at Causeway Bay.


Really it was a day of randomness. I got some stuff from Innisfree, Mac, and tons from Sasa. See my haul here.

M also brought me to this multi-level bookstore (Eslite) where I bought my metallic pen. THE BOOKSTORE WAS LYFE! I refrained from buying books because some titles I had my eyes on were significantly less expensive when bought in PH.

I met another Totoro! I love you T!!!

Spotted this in a supermarket. Cutie:

My Totoro haul. I gave some away to some kids as pasalubong.

Naturally, Ponyo stuff are for me.

MILKIS YAZZZ. I love Milkis, but I hope they’ll sell large bottles like this here in PH!

By nightime, I have so little money left, so we opted to grab streetfood for dinner.


Again, I was not that impressed with Ladies Market. Everything was expensive. I bought two pouches because they were pretty and because the lady seller chased me (literally. LITERALLY!) and gave me a good bargain.

On to our last day 🙁

November 30, 2017