Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

Let me tell you guys about my current ride or die – an extremely overpriced mascara which is worth every penny.

But first, lemme tell you something about my lashes. They’re gorgeous. One time, I was availing a complimentary lash extension, the lash technician (what do we call them?) told me that I don’t need extensions since my lashes are long and pretty already. Why, thank you, ate. I will put that on my resume.

Anyhoo, I received a deluxe-sized Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara for 100 points on Sephora’s loyalty program. I was so excited because I’m jeje like that.

I loved it so incredibly much that I talked myself into buying the full size.

This is available in two sizes (as of Nov 2017): the travel size (Php 915) and the full size (Php 1,638).

I am not sure if the sample I got (pictured above) is the so-called “travel size”. The item’s image at the Sephora website differs from my actual product. My sample size is round and tubular, while the tube of the travel size based on picture on the website is a hexagon, like the full size.

Anyway, as implied earlier, I am absolutely in love with this mascara.

I was using Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and thought that was amazing. But after trying this, I already forgot all the other mascaras I tried.

It gave my lashes extra length, but in the most non-fake way possible. Not natural, because we’re not aiming for natural. They just didn’t look fake. They looked… extra (or dope or whatever the youngsters are saying today).

Did not help that much with the volume, tho. This is okay with me.

Let the photos speak for themselves.

Here are some instagram posts featuring the mascara:

I applied the mascara on one of my lashes. Can you guess which one? *wheeze*

Here’s a couple of photos of my lashes

My lashes are long, but not THAT long. Look how pretty they look! I oftentimes find myself just staring at my lashes at the mirror.

Aside from length, here are the other awesome qualities of the mascara:

A.) This holds the curl of my lashes. Holy cow, it really does. I don’t even use eyelash curlers! (Because I broke mine ages ago and I always forget to buy a new one). They just stay curled from 9am till 10pm. That’s one of my favorite things about this mascara.

B.) The mascara is easy to remove. My make up wipe -which is basically just baby wipes – will basically do the trick. For a mascara that lasts more than 12 hours, that’s a feat.

I had a traumatic experience with a Loreal mascara I used before the Better Than Sex. It was sooo hard to take off. Make up wipes, micellar water, and cleanser will still leave some residue. It was honestly hell.

You’ll say, hey Aika, there are tons of mascaras out there which can give you the same, beautiful result.

First of all, are there really?

I have tried tons of mascaras but I can’t remember an instance when I repurchased one. There’s always that one thing that would make me want to try another mascara in search for the perfect one. Either they’re too wet, or they eventually flake, or they’re hell to take off, or just too messy. There’s always something wrong.

But this extremely expensive mascara? I have yet to find a fault.

Is it worth the price? For me, yes. I could easily forgo some other things (like movies, etc) for this mascara.

I also was able to receive a couple of compliment wearing this baby. A person stopped mid sentence, looked me in the eye, and said “are you… are you wearing false lashes or do you just have long lashes?”

Why, thank you kuya. Let me just put that on my resume.

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November 3, 2017