HK2017 Day 3: Pink Flamingos and Totoro

This is a part of a series of photoblog posts re: M and I’s annual vacation. This year, we went to Hong Kong. This is a photoblog since I don’t want to commit to actual detailed blog posts because I’m lazy busy lazy. Read the series here.

One of my requests demands from M on our trip was I wanted to see the pink flamingos at the Kowloon Park. I don’t know why but I’m obsessed with them, and it 100% had to do with the movie Pink Flamingos.

So our plan for the third day was 1.) Wake up late to save money and do brunch 2.) Transfer hotels 3.) Go to the Kowloon Park and see some pink flamingos 4.) go to Harbour City and see Totoro 5.) Watch the lightshow.

But first, brunch.

Since food are super expensive we decided to just start our day late and make lunch our first meal of the day. That way we didn’t have to pay for breakfast and also we had tons of sleep. We were able to fully take advantage of what we paid for on our first hotel.

Before transfering, we ate our brunch at this wonderful hole-in-the-wall noodle shop where I tasted the best chinese noodles of my entire life.

There will be photos below. The broth was the perfect blend of sour and savory. Sour may sound off specially on a noodle but believe me it was soooo good.


Of course what’s a visit to this side of the world without tasting their famous egg tart? Ok wait, I think egg tart is a Macau thing.

The egg tarts I tasted was ok. I prefer Goldilock’s eggpies better. I mean it was good, but nothing that blew my mind unlike the noodle that I recently consumed.


We walked for less than 10 minutes and we reached our second hotel, the San Diego Guesthouse. I love the location because there was a streetfood shop just outside the hotel building.

Also I was expecting a tiny tiny hotel room (I’m slightly claustrophobic), but it was not bad. It was significantly smaller than our previous room, but it was very comfortable still. Plus service was super ok.

The walls of the hotel are thin, tho, so if you want silence, you just need to pray that there are no annoying tourists nextdoor.

Ok. So I forgot to take photos of the hotel room. Hahahah sorry.


And now, time to find my beloved flamingos!!!!!!!


On our way to the flamingos, we passed by this building. I saw a “free entrance” sign and I told M “tara, libre naman”. We had all the time in the world.

Good thing we did because the place was super awesome and informative.


After that suprise museum visit, we made our way to the pink babies. It was super fun searching for them. M and I were like children shouting “nasan na ba?!” and “ayan na sila waaaaa!”. I was thinking no one will understand us anyway, but I later realized that maybe 90 percent of the people in that park at that moment were Filipinos. Rough estimate.

Anyway. Yassssss look at the glorious creatureasss. I love them so very much!!!!

I even have a pink flamingo pouch!


DIVINE!!!!!!! #pinkflamingos #cinemacult #kowloonpark

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We made our way to the Harbour City (you can walk there from the park) to look for Totoro!


And we made it to Donguri Republic where they sell various Studio Ghibli products.


I wubyu wittle buddyyyyyyy #totoro #totoroislove #totoroislyf #instatravel #hongkong

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It might shock you tho that my favorite SG film is not Totoro, but Ponyo. I just love that little, magical girl to bits!

I also bought another Cath Kidston bag for half its original price. As I use both my CK bags, I seriously can’t decide which one I love more. Months later, I still feel no regret buying them.


We decided to catch the light show at the harbor that night, but it was still pretty early so we had tons of time to kill.

We saw a random Muji store, and they have a resto inside!

I got an iced coffee and a matcha something and they were both soooo good. Damage was HKD60. At that point, I stopped converting to PHP.


We then waited hours for the world-famous show.

I don’t know if it’s because of the bad weather, but it was super underwhelming. There were very minimal lights. It just looked like people were atopped the towers and pointing lasers at each other. I’m blaming the weather.

The harbor in itself was a delightful sight, tho.

My dinner for the night was a bowl of random meat. Another risky choice of food, but I love myself for trying it anyway.

Here’s a funny conversation

Me to vendor, pointing at a the mixture of unidentified meat: hello, what’s that?
Vendor:… meat.
Me: …
Me: ok, one order

It tasted good, to be honest. There were just some weird textures, but it was an awesome experience!

On to Day 4! Day 4 is a visit to The Peak!

October 28, 2017