HK2017 Day 2: Sneaker Street. Citygate Outlets. Temple Street Night Market

This is a part of a series of photoblog posts re: M and I’s annual vacation. This year, we went to Hong Kong. This is a photoblog since I don’t want to commit to actual detailed blog posts because I’m lazy busy lazy. Read the series here.

M and I started early. We have tons of time to spear because according to our itinerary, we were supposed to still be at Macau on our second day. So we decided to do some shopping because what else was there to do, honestly?

Our hotel’s already at the Mongkok area so it didn’t take tons of our time to look around the famous sneaker street where shoes are super inexpensive. Still expensive for my taste tho, but then again, I’m not into sneakers.

This is a snapshot of their pedestrian underpass.

We had our breakfast at Cafe De Coral. Their coffee was after my own heart – sweet 🙂

On to Sneaker Street!

Sorry there were very few photos. Haha. I’m not doing really good with the whole photoblog thing, huh?

After checking out some stores at Sneaker Street, we decided to go to Citygate Outlets, an outlet store. We figured we’re only on our second day so it did not make any sense to buy the first shoes we saw. We wanted to check if it’s cheaper at Citygate (spoiler alert: same price, but better selection). We can literally walk back to Sneaker Street from our hotel in case we didn’t find any at Citygate (spoiler alert: we did).

From Mongkok, we took the MTR to Lai King Station and transferred to another train to Tung Chung.

I swear, I super envy their train system.


Citygate is an awesome place to shop if you have the money. Funny moment was when we entered Kate Spade store and the lady there was like “everything’s 50 percent off!” and we were like “yazzzz” and THEN we were like “do you really need to spend Php14k for a bag just because it’s 50 percent off? The correct answer is no”


We decided to grab our lunch, but there’s not much option for poor people like me at Citygate. So we decided to eat at Pizza Express. It was super expensive, but not like Macau level. I wouldn’t pay for that much money again for a pizza. Food’s good tho. Service was even better.

After lunch, we went to the 10th floor of the building. It was pretty hidden since we needed to find the sole elevator going up there.

And it was worth it. That blue flats are my new babies, and they are worth HKD 199 (roughly P1,400). Lurve.

This is Rebecca Black Appreciation Club.

It took us the whole day to enjoy the magnificence of Citygate. And I went home with a cute, blue jelly flats.

On our way home, we again took the MTR to Mongkok and exited through Langham Place. I bought my beloved Cath Kidston there. Lurve.

And then we found Decathlon on the exit of the Mongkok MTR. Decathlon is a store for them sporty people. It was the weirdest store. We came in and then came out with the most random things. I didn’t know what happened. Apparently I bought some gloves and some towels. Why tho. Why?


For dinner we went to this McDonalds and tried one of their self-service machines. I wish we have this here at home.

I LOVE their menu. I specially love their McWings OH MY GOD. Why is the the quality of McDonalds in Hong Kong NOT EVEN close to the quality of McDonalds here? Dear McDo, if you want to compete with Jollibee, bring those awesome McWings here.

Their burgers are not really fast-food quality. They’re super yummy. But also expensive pero pwede na.


M brought me to Jordan station where the Temple Street Night Market was (I think the McDonalds was also near Jordan station).

I’m pretty sure I bought an bunch of overpriced pens at the Temple Street Night Market.

It was a nice market. But hey, if you’ve been to Bangkok’s Chatuchak, everything else is sub-par.


This was what I was most excited about – try as much streetfood variant as possible. And I’m pretty pleased with myself that I was able to try TONS of different street food. Some of them looked super disgusting but I tried them all anyway without even doubting myself. Good job, Aika.

On to day 3! 😀

October 20, 2017