Review: BLK Cosmetic’s red lippies

Hello fellas! Let me take a break from the blog posts I owe you to review some newly-released local make up line, Anne Curtis’ BLK Cosmetics.

Our very own Kylie Cosmetics. Or whatever celebrity who releases their own cosmetic line.

I still don’t know how to pronounce this. Bee-El-Kehy? Black? Or a vowel-less Blk? Eh.
I asked around about some feedback and my girlfriends told me to watch local YouTubers for review, but umm… I’m sorry and I absolutely have no intention to offend anyone, but I dont trust our local Youtubers (except for some, like Anne Clutz of course). That warrants for another blog post, of course.

I just spent most of my moolah during a Sephora sale (my haul later! Or that’s probably already posted – yes it was, said Future Aika. Check it here), so I didnt really want to buy all without knowing how the formulas were. Plus, for a local brand these are expensive. Well… I guess these are greatly-priced if these will indeed blow me away.

But because I was so curious on the qualities of the line so I bought four lippies.

Let’s start the review.

I bought these at Zalora and let me just say, the sample pictures posted in there did not do these any service. The models’ (including Anne) lips are soooo dry and they look like they need a little scrub or two. Change those, Anne!

Anyway, I caught a couple of Anne’s interview during the launch and I vividly remember two points: 1.) She stressed how good the packaging are 2.) This line’s supposed to make make up “uncomplicated”.

But Anne, that’s the beauty of make up – it’s complex nature. But I get your point.

Also, they’re supposed to be affordable.

The first point was indeed true – packaging is top-notch and do not look like these cost less than P400. I’m going to give that to BLK.

These are made in Taiwan, and is cruelty-free.

BLK has three kinds of lippies and I grabbed the most stunning of them – the reds. I’m not a fan of muted and nude colors.

They have two sticks: the Velvet Lip Cream (P349) and the All-Day Intense Matte (P349). They also have Long-Lasting Liquid Matte (P299).

Although I find the colors absolutely stunning, there are very limited choices. Where are my pinks? Where are my violets. I don’t mind this, however. BLK is a new line surely these are not the only release they’re going to make.


I love liquid lippies so I bought two shades on this line – both are reds.

Here’s the wand. It’s not slanted, and it’s flat. This reminds me of the shape of the Revlon one. Just the shape. Revlon’s super luxurious but this one’s just meh.

Here are some swatches:

This is Bold:

And this is Brazen:

Here are my thoughts:

  • This is a hard pass for me.
  • Even though I absolutely love the colors, especially Bold, it was that kind of liquid lipstick which is difficult to work with. And that pretty much contradicted BLK’s “uncomplicated” tag line.
  • Application’s a mess. These are very liquidy, so it’s hard to even them out. The solution is to apply more, right, to even the application out? But you don’t want to do that because…
  • … these are hella drying, so a gazillions of layers is a torture to your lips. I am a liquid lippie girl and I don’t mind a little dryness here and there but these are unbearable.
  • Even after finally able to make the application look even, it still look horrible on my lips up close. It looked soooo dry. I have no problem with it when people are looking at me from miles away, but in a close-up, it looks awful. Then I remember the sample photos at Zalora website and was like “yup, that’s an accurate representation”.
  • There was also something off about the application. If you’re trying to trace your lips with it, the wand will deposit more products at the edge of the applicator.
  • It did not last that long. There were some crumbly patches of color left on my lips after lunch, and I CANT reapply without taking off the whole thing because my lips will look super ugly. Here’s the photo:

  • I was able to resolve these problems by a.) Using a lipbrush b.) Use a lip liner. c.) Just bring with me wet wipes to wipe out the lippie if I want to re-apply. But again, that contradicts the “uncomplicated” theme of the line.
  • Also not drinking and eating will solve the problem. Except that I can’t do that because I’m human.
  • Again, I am not comfortable on recommending this liquid lippie to you guys. I find Pink Sugar has better liquid lipsticks if you want to support local brands. I remember Ever Bilena’s liquid lippies impressed me as well.


Although it looked like vampire red in the tube, Alluring is more berry and brown than red. This will be a perfect shade for a night out. Or an ordinary Wednesday. Hey, you do you, boo.


This one is bright, bold red. Straight out red. Nothing really uniquely captivating about it.

Here are both the sticks side by side. As you can see, Alluring has more shine and Brave is straight-out matte.

Here are the swatches:

This is Alluring:

And This is Brave:

Here are my thoughts on All-Day Intense Matte

  • This is not matte at all, but a creamy non-shiny lippie. I can compare this to the texture of Maybelline’s Creamy Mattes or Colourette Colorsticks
  • I’m not impressed with its longevity. Not even a little stain was left on my lips after about half a day.
  • This one wears comfortably. Since it’s not a matte matte, it did not dry my lips. Quite the contrary, as a matter of fact.
  • Brave kindof look like Brazen. It’s a beautiful color, but it’s not like I can’t find a similar color in my collection.

Here are my thoughts on Velvet Lip Cream

  • The lip swatch above may look super weird, but I assure you that it looks beautiful IRL. I love the shade of this one and also the application. Brazen is love.
  • It’s super pigmented.
  • Mayor of Transfer Town, although that did not surprise me.
  • Longevity is decent but not something that blew me away. It did survive my morning coffee, but not last through my lunch. There was a bit of tint left, tho.

There you go guise. If you really want to buy these, go ahead. It’s not like they’re super expensive. But I can assure you you can find cheaper, better-performing lippies out there. Although the All-Day Intense Matte and the Velvet Lip Cream are decent products, these did not particularly wow me, and nothing about these lippies stood out. Maybe the cruelty-free label may sway you to choose this over, say, Maybelline which is not a cruelty-free brand. And if you’re a fan of Anne Curtis.

I highly suggest you stay away from the liquid lippie. Unless you’re going to wear it somewhere you don’t need to consume anything, and you don’t mind moisture being sucked out of your lips.

BLK has some potentials, tho. I’m excited for emerging, easily-accessible products. I can’t wait what other products they’re going to launch soon.

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