HK2017 Day 1: Hello Macau. Bye Macau. Hello Hong Kong

This is a part of a series of photoblog posts re: M and I’s annual vacation. This year, we went to Hong Kong. This is a photoblog since I don’t want to commit to actual detailed blog posts because I’m lazy busy lazy. Read the series here.


Here’s what you need to know first. A TS 10 typhoon, Hato, struck Macau and Hong Kong literally a day before our flight. A TS 10 is their strongest typhoon signal.

Hato transversed the Philippines first but it was not THAT bad. But since it didn’t make a landfall here in PH, it’s not really comparable. Hato was devastating. More of that later.

The plan was, M and I wete going to enter Macau and spend two and a half days there before going to Hong Kong and sp3nding the rest of our vacation there. Our flight home is at Hong Kong so it was really a solid plan, right? Wrong.

M and I were constantly monitoring the weather advisories of Macau and Hong Kong and just prayed to all the gods that our flight will not br cancelled. Good thing both the Macau and HK authorities downgraded their TS so there’s really no reason to cancrl our flight.

Eto na nga. So on the night before our early morning flight, we found out from our Macau hotel that they are cancelling our reservation.

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

We were planning for months and we just have to throw that all away. We decided to just go straight to HK. Our 2nd hotel (HK) was already fuly booked to we needed to book another hotel to compensate for our supposed Macau days. Good thing we were able to find one very very near our 2nd hotel.


I think this was our first Air Asia flight and OMG what an inconvenience. It took us – no joke – an hour to check in. We don’t even have check in luggage! This was because inly two counters cater to ALL their flights. It was super duper annoying.  So we were not able to eat breakfast aka our tradition of eating at Kenny Rogers while at NAIA 3. DAMMIT AIR ASIA!

Also, this is the first time M and I were not seated next to each other. What is wrong witg Air Asia, really?

Here’s the photoblog part. I am starting to realize that… what is photoblog even?


I was seated at the window seat to I was able to take a glimpse of tge aftermath of Hato in an eagleview. All I was able to say was “nakakaloka”.

It was Yolanda-level devastation. Maybe the infrastructure of Macau was better so they were able to withstand the catastrophy better, but it was truely horrifying to look at. And this is coming from a girl who lives with storms and typhoons on a regular basis!

At the time i found out that our hotel cancelled on us, I was sooo selfish and I was thinking about my vacay more than the people affected by the typhoon. I apologize for that.

We took the free shuttle bus to Parisian Macau (Mam P insisted I take a picture when she found out that I’m going to Macau).


Even without airconditioning (power was off in Macau – our hotel cancelled because they didnt have electricity and water), Parisian Macau was still glorious. Next time, Parisian. Next time.

We also grabbed our first actual meal of the day (thanks for nothing, Air Asia!) At the food court inside Parisian. They were extremely expensive but I’m not surprised.

Actually I was. This one costs HKD130. Or Php 910. Holy fuck, right?

Did it taste good? It really did. But was it worth what I paid for it? Absolutely not.

Here are some photos of their glorious food court.

Yeah. My extremely overpriced meal did not come witg a drink. This one’s relatively not expensive but still expensive (HKD 28 or PHP 196)


After our lunch, we ride another free shuttle to the ferry station which will bring us to Hong Kong.

It was super chaotic, son. We maybe waited for half an hour more than our assigned departure time. There were a lot of people trying to cross towards Hong Kong, and I was not even surprised.

We were finally able to ride the ferry, which was super similar to the ones we rode in from Siquijor to Dumaguete.

I was super bummed that I was only able to stay at Macau for maybe a couple of hours. I’ll surely be back. Probably not.


Finally! Hello HK!

I was welcomed by their complicated but extremely impressive public transportation system.


We immediately made our way towards our hotel at Mongkok area. We stayed at Apple Inn. Since we stayed in HK and not in Macau, we saved P2,000 each for our accommodation because everything in Macau is super expensive.

I dreaded that our room will be extremely cramped. I have a slight claustrophobia. I was delighted when I saw that our room was spacious.

We also ate at HK’s famous Cafe De Coral for our dinner. I got a curry something. I wanted to try their famous baked porkchop over rice, but it was not available during that time.

On to the next day 🙂

October 12, 2017