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Hong Kong 2017 Hauls!

Hello guys! I’ve been away for a really long time and I apologize. For my yearly vacation, M and I went to Hong Kong last September! And also Macau technically but not really. I’ll post blog entries about those soon.

But for now, we talk about my HK hauls because I need to post something! It’s been months since we went there! I’m really really sorry for the late post.

Let’s start!

Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise, but only if you like buying high-end brands. I still enjoyed my shopping experience in Bangkok more because of Sephora and Chatuchak and also the tax refund.

But I still got tons of items in HK.


I adore Cath Kidston and their girly designs. They’re soooo me. I wanted to buy a Cath Kidston bag in Hongkong because the prices here in PH are ridiculous. One time, I went inside a CK store in Trinoma and the colors and design of the store made me happy but everything is just so expensive.

Well, turned out, the prices in HK were equally so. So I did what a smart bargain hunter would do – go to the sale rack.

Granted, these are still not cheap. But the bags – YES BAGS! – are hella pretty so #noragrets

Elvington Rose Folded Top Handbag
Sale Price: HKD 475 (Php 3,325) | Original Price: HKD 950 (Php 6,650)
Bought at: Langham Place, Mongkok

The bag has magnetic closures, and is waterproof. I was able to put that to the test since it was raining HARD during out The Peak visit, so I used this. It held impressively, you guys. Money well spent.

We again visited another Cath Kidston branch in Harbor City and I saw this cute backpack on sale and… well…

Rosebud Sprig Zipped Cotton Backpack
Sale Price: HKD 390 (Php 2,730) | Original Price: HKD 650 (Php 4,550)
Bought at: LCX, Harbour City (Tsim Sha Tsui)

I adore this bag so much. I’ve been using this almost everyday since I bought it. It’s just so spacious and pretty and sturdy.

I also availed of this strapped that I sometimes use with the blue bag.

Sale Price: HKD 120 (Php 840) | Original Price: HKD 240 (Php 1,680)
Bought at: LCX, Harbour City (Tsim Sha Tsui)


I told M that I want to do only three things in HK – eat stinky tofy, see the pink flamingos, and go to the Studio Ghibli shop. I’ve done two of those, and obviously I was able to cross off Totoro!

Here’s my buddy Totoro and I:


I wubyu wittle buddyyyyyyy #totoro #totoroislove #totoroislyf #instatravel #hongkong

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And here’s our more jolly shot:


I met another Totoro! #angkyotkyot #uwinakitabibi

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Anyway, here are my hauls. I didn’t keep them all, of course. I gave some away to some kids 🙂

Totoro Pouch
Price: HKD 185 (Php 1,295) | Bought at: LCX, Harbour City (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Finger Puppet
Price: HKD 20 each (Php 140) | Bought at: LCX, Harbour City (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Ponyo Water Pistol
Price: HKD 20 each (Php 140) | Bought at: LCX, Harbour City (Tsim Sha Tsui)


Bonjour branches are basically everywhere in HK. They’re like Watsons. I love them.

We don’t know what’s in these but these little devils helped with out foot pain during the whole duration of the trip. We would just stick one on each foot and the pain will be gone the next day. So I bought three boxes to take back home.

Shangshi Zhitong Gao Plaster
Price: HKD 10.50 each (Php 73.5); each box has 10 plasters | Bought at: Bonjour Mongkok near Ladies’ Market

Of course I also grabbed an eyeliner. I’ve been using this for a month now and it’s a decent liner. It’s no Stila, but it’s better than that one LOreal liner i used. It has a pointed tip which leaves a clean line, its pigment is above average, and it lasts all day long.

Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Super Keep (HK) 01
Price: HKD 71.30 each (Php 499.1) | Bought at: Bonjour Mongkok near Ladies’ Market


Ah Sasa.

Sasa is also like their version of Watsons or SM Beauty. They offer tons of beauty products and more. Sasa is also everywhere in HK.

Here are my hauls:

3M Nexcare Acne Dressing
Price: HKD 44 (Php 308) | Bought at: Sasa Peak Galleria

This one came with a free blotting paper. Yey 🙂

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)
Sale Price: HKD 79 (Php 553) | Original Price: HKD 95 (Php 665)
Bought at: Sasa Windsor House

Since I bought two, I got a free gift!

Dolly Wink Color Eyeliner (Vivid Pink)
Sale Price: Free 🙂 | Original Price: HKD 69 (Php 483)

I also saw these cuties, which I gave away as pasalubongs:

Wedding Cake Lip Balm (Mango and Chocolate
Sale Price: Buy 2 for HKD 20 (Php 140) | Original Price: HKD 18 each (Php 126)
Bought at: Sasa Windsor House

Strawberry Chocolate Lip Balm Set
Sale Price: HKD 40 (Php 280) | Original Price: HKD 82 (Php 574)
Bought at: Sasa Bank Centre

I also grabbed these. These are cult favorite among the beauty community, and of course I grabbed a couple.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind (Light/Pale and Neutralizer)
Price: HKD 89 each (Php 623) | Bought at: Sasa Bank Centre

BeautyMNL is selling these for significantly lower prices, but they do not have Neutralizer, and only comes in Light, Medium and Honey.


M and I were also very much attracted to Innisfree, which is also kindof everywhere in HK.

Here are my loot:

Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask (refining and purifying)
Price: HKD 130 each (Php 910) | Bought at: Innisfree Causeway Bay

and here are my freebies 😀


Citygate is kind of a place with tons of outlet stores. Aside from the famous Sneaker Street in Mongkok, you have to check out Citygate if you’re in HK to buy some shoes.

I was able to find a very cute flat shoes which spoke to me in a spiritual level:

Zaxy Start Bloom Sky Blue Flower Flat Ballet Shoes
Sale Price: HKD 199 (Php 1,393) | Original Price: HKD 390 (Php 2,730)
Bought at: Catalog, 10th floor of City Gate, Tung Chung


There’s a sports/outdoor/active lifestyle store called Decathlon near our hotel (They also have a branch here in PH). It was the worst store to get lost at. I literally have no plans of purchasing items because I’m not really into sports or the outdoors or the active lifestyle, but I bought two very much random items.

If I knew I had more money to spare, I would probably buy more products that I do not need, like a yoga mat or mountain bike or something.

I went inside, and I came out with this:

Domyos gloves
Price: HKD 49 each (Php 343) | Bought at: Decathlon (Mongkok)

I also bought a towel. Told you, very random shit.

Microfiber Towel
Price: HKD 49 each (Php 343) | Bought at: Decathlon (Mongkok)


M related that there’s this ultra bookstore in Causeway bay with amazing pens. Of course we went there because we are into visual arts now.

The multi-level bookstore was HEAVEN. Books are more expensive, so of course I didn’t buy any.

However, I bought some pens:

Zig Calligraphy Pen Metallic Colours
Price: HKD 108 (Php 756) | Bought at: Eslite, Causeway Bay

This was not the best brush pens for beginners like me, but the colors and quality are AMAZING. I LOVE THESE SO MUCH (even if I can’t write properly with them).

We’ll get there, buddy.


Of course I bought a make up. The price in HK was slightly more expensive that that here in Manila – maybe because the exchange rate was not the best during that time (HK 7 = PHP 1! What the hell!).

But I bought one Mac lippie because I am kind of stupid like that.

Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in Dance with Me
Price: HKD 195 (Php 1365)
Bought at: Mac Causeway Bay


We also bought some random food in some random store in Mongkok. For pasalubong.

Scallop Flavor Pork Jerky
Price: HKD 28 (Php 196) | Bought at: Somewhere in Mongkok

I was not able to try this  because my fambam was able to finish them all before I knew it. I’m sorry I don’t know how they taste 🙁


I also bought an extremely overpriced set of pens, again for pasalubong.

Sale Price: HKD 80 (Php 560) | Original Price: HKD 100 (Php 700)

I just realized that these are almost as expensive as my Eslite pens. What a ripoff.


I also bought these cute pouches. Funny story: I asked the lady at the stall how much a bag was (not this one), and at that time I have a very limited cash on me so I walked away. A few moments later, she was tapping my shoulder and was haggling down the price. I was so surprised since we were already pretty far from her stall. Of course I declined because, again, I simply did not have enough cash on me then.

I went back to her and haggled down this one instead. Cute pouches, right?

Sale Price: HKD 50 for 2 (Php 350) | Original Price: HKD 58 for 2 (29 each) (Php 406)


I allotted 300HKD for my HK Disneyland shopping. Of course I went beyond that.

This was a last-minute buy for myself – a very-much overprices keychain. Quality’s good, tho.

Baymax Keychain | Price: HKD 78 (Php 546)
Bought at: Hong Kong Disneyland Shop of Hong Kong International Airport (T2)

I gave this Minnie Mouse stuffed toy to my goddaughter, Hailey <3

Minnie Mouse Plush Tsumtsum (Medium) | Price: HKD 175 (Php 1,225)
Bought at: Hong Kong Disneyland Shop of Hong Kong International Airport (T2)

This one’s for my Dad. I’m a good daughter, yallz. Hahahaha.

Stark Expo Baseball Cap
Price: HKD 175.5 (Php 1,228.5) | Bought at: Hong Kong Disneyland

I also got a couple of adorable Minnie ears.

Minnie Mouse Bow Visor
Price: HKD 118 (Php 826) | Bought at: Hong Kong Disneyland

Minnie Mouse Sequence Bow Headband
Price: HKD 138 (Php 966) | Bought at: Hong Kong Disneyland

Plus a very-much overpriced umbrella. Worth it.

Star Wars Automatic Umbrella
Price: HKD 168 (Php 1,176) | Bought at: Hong Kong Disneyland

And some adorable tsumtsums which are currently in display at my desk. They always remind me of my Cumberbaby and Chris my labs, and also Rey who’s equally a badass

Plush Tsumtsum (Doctor Strange, Rey, and Captain America)
Price: HKD 65 (Php 455) | Bought at: Hong Kong Disneyland

There you go! As you can see, there’s not much cosmetic products because a.) there’s no Sephora b.) some stuff I like are also available here in PH, so I reserved my pocket money for something else – like a pair of gloves and a towel.

Watch out for my blogs, you guys!