Cinemalaya 2017: Kiko Boksingero

Directed By: Thop Nazareno

Kiko, an 11-year-old boy left aimlessly alone with his nanny after the recent death of his mother, rekindles a long lost relationship with his father in an attempt to find a new lease on life.

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Here are my thoughts:

  • This is a very charming movie. It’s heartbreaking, but not really. Sad, but not really.
  • I feel like everyone in this film gave stellar performances. The three main characters’ chemistries (Kiko, the Dad and the Yaya) made this work. Yayo is so charming, I love her so.
  • I was expecting a heavily sports-themed movie and I’m so glad that it was not really about sports.
  • I adore as well how the movie used subtlely to its advantage. It’s like no one wants to state the obvious, but the movie was able to show the obvious without saying it. Do I make sense?
  • And it’s part of its charm. It looks like there’s no tension but there obviously are. And the tension and calm flowed together in harmony. Charming, indeed.
  • I LOVE the music.

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August 15, 2017