Cinemalaya 2017: Bagahe

Directed By: Zig Dulay

Raped and pregnant, an OFW rids herself of unwanted baggage on the flight back home.

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Here are my thoughts:

  • Angeli Bayani is, without a doubt, the most exquisite jewel of Philippine Cinema. Disagree? Fight me.
  • I like this movie, but that’s because of my personal bias for the plight of abused women.
  • I think Angeli was perfectly for the main role because she has the ability to blend in and get lost in the crowd. Angeli can really disappear in the background because she does not do that OA kind of acting like “Hey everything is about me”
  • That’s important because I feel like the movies is more than just about the main character, but the actual process a person trapped in our justice system and judgemental society is. The social media posts, the “let’s get this over with” kind of public attorney (or “you’re only one of my gazillions of clients. Fund PAO now!), the super biased NBI person. Women shelter. The media frenzy. Mental health. PTSD. Politics.
  • Since I watched Baconaua immediately before this, I appreciated the straightforwardness of Bagahe SO MUCH.
  • I feel like I am giving this a highscore largely because of Angeli’s performance.

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August 15, 2017