Cinemalaya: Nabubulok

Directed By: Sonny Calvento

A husband takes flight when his wife goes missing.

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Here are my thoughts:

  • I can’t decide on how I feel about this movie. It sometimes impressed me and sometimes I felt like the movie’s ridiculous.
  • I like it’s premise, the plot, the acting. It’s just there’s something off with the movie sometimes.
  • Look at it this way – I felt like the movie was made by two totally different directors. There were parts which I think were cinematic masterpieces. And then there were parts that made me scratch my head.
  • And mind you, these different sides were both extremes. It’s super weird.
  • Did I regret paying to see this movie? Absolutely not. It has all the potential to be at par with my Cinemalaya 2017 favorite (Respeto), but because of the misses, It’s not even on my top 3.

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August 11, 2017