Cinemalaya 2017

I decided to catch some Cinemalaya movies this year again.

The thought of Cinemalaya hurts me because of personal memories but hey, if Queen Angeli Bayani has a movie (Bagahe), you ignore all your hurts and go watch it.

Cinemalaya’s schedule was soooo weird, so after consulting and intensely deliberating an excel file I created with the screening schedules, I ended up at Greenbelt 1 on a Saturday afternoon.

Only Queen A could make me watch in a cinema in Makati (because it’s far from where I live. I’m not a total snob, son).

Bagahe‘s screening last Saturday was at 4:30pm, so I decided to catch the movie before that so as not to waste my travel to Makati. It was Baconaua. It’s not pronounced Bacon (like the food)- nawa. Do not imitate some fools who called that the first time. Said fool was me.

Then I just decided that I wanted to watch more, but alas, I have no time. I was able to fit four more movies (Kiko Boksingero, Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha, Respeto, Nabubulok) for this Sunday. So in summation, I will be missing three movies. Sorry, guys.

My totally unimportant reviews will be posted here as soon as I’m in the mood to write and publish them 🙂

August 11, 2017