Cinemalaya 2017: Baconaua

Directed By: Joseph Israel Laban

After a turbulent squall in the night, villagers wake up to the astonishing sight of the sea that has turned red.

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Here are my thoughts on Baconaua:

  • This is not a movie created for me. You need to be smart to understand this movie. I don’t. I’m not smart, you guys.
  • Some are bothered by how dark the movie was literally. I didn’t mind it because I think it added to the texture of the movie. Sure there are scenes that I wished were lighted in different angle so I can actually see what’s going on, but I dunno. I really did not mind it.
  • Since the theme of the whole movie was lost on me, all I can do is appreciate the technical aspect of the film.
  • I love… I mean LOVE… The underwater shots. I hate deep sea water, but there’s something calm and at the same time intense about how these scenes were presented. I love the sound. LOVE!
  • As I’ve said, smart people will probably get this, and ultimately enjoy it. For me, it was chaotic. It was like I was this close to understanding what the movie stands for, but it will escape my grasp in the last seconds. Only after reading reviews that I finally got it. But do I really want a movie that needs explanations? No. Discussions, yes. Debates, yes. But explanation?
  • Something was… off. I think it was because a lot of elements were thrown to me and it was ok at first but then it became so overwhelming. My small mind can only take too much.
  • I just want a straightforward movie, ok? Fine, something with a little to mid subtlety would be fine as well. I am always for movies which will make me think, but about my moral compass or something, not about the meaning of apples or whatever.
  • Acting was also really commendable.

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August 11, 2017