L’Oreal Paris Rouge Magique Lipstick (and some rants)

L’Oreal Paris released a new line of lipstick from their Rouge Magique collection. I think the line has 15 shades, but don’t quote me on that.

I have a love-hate relationship with L’Oreal lippies because not much from their line really impressed me (aside from the tint caress of course which I adooored).

I decided to buy from this line because they were on sale on Lazada. Original price’s Php 400, but I got them for Php 280.

I picked three shades – Purple Comtesse, Vin Exquis, and Secret Date. I was tempted to get more shades but I don’t know how these perform so I only opted for three this time. Plus these three were the only ones which spoke to me in a spiritual level.

Here are the swatches. I try as much as possible to get the images to the color IRL, but there might be differences on our monitors/screen. So I will try to describe the colors nalang with words 🙂

SECRET DATE: it looks super pink the image, but I think I can describe this one as muted nudy fuchsia. I liked the color of this one. It looked NOT common. I really can’t think of a similar shade on my collection.

PURPLE COMTESSE: it looked like brick red, with a hint of red wine color. Purple might not be the best word to describe it.

VIN EXQUIS: it’s a pink-y violet, but more violet than pink.

Here are the swatches in different light settings:

Here are my thoughts:

  • These are good lippies. They don’t necessarily blew me away, but it’s probably among those I am comfortable to recommend to friends.
  • They apply smoothly, and it felt REALLY comfy. I was wearing the Purple Comtesse one day and after some hours it felt gone, and I was pleasantly surprised that there’s still color on my lips when I accidentally glanced at a mirror.
  • It has a matte finish, but not really drying. It will sip through the dry lines in your lips after hours of wear, but nothing a re-application can’t solve.
  • I really liked Secret Date which was weird because I am not into muted-colored lippies.
  • The line claims a “one- swipe intense color” or something. That’s not the case. A couple or three layers will do. Just like most lippies.
  • Longevity is decent, and I am surprised. Sure the intensity of the color will fade after a meal or so, then it will leave a decent amount of tint whoch is adequate to ge you through the next reapplication.
  • It’s not transfer-proof.
  • I find the color range limited.  For a line called “Rogue Magique”, that’s disappointing. I was expecting loud, edgy colors, but there are more browns and nude-ish shades that shocking, vibrant ones. I’m not saying that as a bad thing for everyone, but for me it is. It’s a matter of personal preferrence.
  • If they were on sale, I might buy a couple of more shades but I don’t think I’m ready to cash out Php 400 for this collection, only because I already have the shades that I want.

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Can I rant a little?

Actually, as I said earlier, I went in and bought these BLIND. I searched YT and blogs for reviews because I don’t want to buy a crapload of lippies only to find out that quality is sub par. And there are very limited L’Oreal lippies that impressed me.

So yeah, I searched for reviews and I found a couple of reviews from two Filipino beauty v/bloggers and I was so excited to watch/read them, but was greatly disappointed.

First it looked like they are included in the PR list because they showed a PR box with all the colors in the range.

Then, instead of getting a full, honest review, all I got were swatches.

It was so frustrating because it looked like they did more service to L’Oreal than their viewers/readers. They were among the first ones to get hold of the products (these are super new products), and in this case, a great content would be more than just swatches.

I don’t consider myself a beauty blogger because a beauty blogger requires an audience and I dont have that and this blog is more like a record keeping for myself rather than ohhh i want to be a famous blogger.

However, if you have an audience – and this is coming from being among that audience and frequent YT viewer – stop patronizing the brands so much. Stop being used as low-key PR machine of the brands.

If you liked the product you are reviewing, sure. I will consider buying it. But tell us WHY. Tell us details. If you got a PR package, tell us your uttmost honest review. If you partnered with the brand, tell your viewers/readers beforehand so we’d know what to expect.

I’m not going to clear my name, though. We basically survived our Bangkok trip because M got a deal with the hotels and tours, and I blogged about those BUT I can honestly say that every word in my reviews were true. I also included some disclaimers because I think I owed that to my readers (who do not exist).

I was sooo used to watching the likes of Tati and Emily Noel who give honest reviews even if they got PR packages.

I HAVE TO SAY THOUGH that there are still some beauty v/bloggers I follow and deeply adore because of their honest reviews. Hats off to you, ladies.

End rant.