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Look: Juvia’s Place palettes and gel eyeliner (Nubian II and Saharan)

Juvia’s Place is a brand from the US which is making a big wave in the make up community. I’m not gonna lie, there were some whispers re: their reputation and customer relationship, but reviews of their products are CONSISTENTLY good.

What’s Aika gotta to do, but try them. However, you can’t buy them anywhere else, except their website. I think JP is kindov an independent brand, so Sephora, Ulta, etc do not carry them.

The real puncher’s they do not deliver to the Philippines.

But whatever (makeup) Aika wants, Aika gets.


Last year, I asked a shoppee seller to pre-order a palette for me. If you’re interested check out her IG account here.

I paid P 2,225.00 for the product, including the shipping from US to PH and to my doorstep. I also needed to wait maybe three weeks since it was a pre-order thingy.

MakeUpDepotPH also sells them, but a tad bit more expensive.

This was all before I discovered MSB. But when I computed, I would had paid for around the same amount probably.

The colors of the pans are AMAZING! DAZZLING! JUST OUT OF THIS WORLD GORGEOUS! I kid you not. Just looking at my palette immediately changes my mood. What a very pretty palette.


My thoughts on the Nubian II Eyeshadow Palette:

  • The colors are HIGHLY, HIGHLY pigmented. I can’t stress that enough. A single dab on the pot results to tons of pigments.
  • The colors’ longevity are also very impressive. They lasted ALL DAY.
  • That being said, I think it’s important to note that some colors, specially the matte ones, will stain your lids. The color stained even after using micelar water and washing my face with a cleanser. It will eventually go away, though.
  • 10/10 will repurchase!


The latest addition to their growing family of eyeshadow pallet’s the Saharan Eyeshadow Palette. I saw this in instagram and I immediately told myself that I needed this in my life. Colors are gorgeous!

The pans are smaller that those in the Nubian II palettes, but unless I use these everyday, I don’t think it’s an issue since I don’t think I’d run out soon.

I ordered mine directly from the site, and took me back P1,144.00 for the actual product and P579.84 for shipping to the Philippines via MSB.

My thoughts on The Saharan Eyeshadow Palette:

  • colors are not as jewel-toned as my Nubian II, but they are still beautiful, beautiful color.
  • It might not translate in the picture, but yes, these are just as pigmented as the Nubian.
  • I use most of the palette’s colors as the “lighter” shade on my eyeshadow game. So basically, I most of the time combine some lighter shades in this palette with the intense jewel colors on my Nubian. BEAUTY!
  • unlike the Nubian II palette, I don’t notice any staining on this one.


Since my Stila eyeliner is running low (and my next trip to Sephora’s in August – and I’m not sure yet if Sephora HK carries Stila!), I decided to grab Juvia’s Place The Saharan Gel Eyeliner from MakeUpDepotPh.

I bought it for P1,280. This is not the first time I bought something for them, but I opted to pick my baby up from their branch which is literally less than 10 minutes from my house.

The box’s in the same color as their Saharan palette. Because duh.

Here are ingredients:

It comes with two pots – a black and a brown eyeliner – and a brush.

The brush’s dual ended:

My thoughts on The Saharan Gel Eyeliner:

  • First, the brushes are virtually useless.
  • I’m 50-50 on this. I’m not a fan of the brown one, but I LOVE the black one. It’s super pigmented and very black and it stayed in place the whole day.
  • I also LOVE how smooth they were to apply (both black and brown). They just glided like a dream!
  • I just find the brown one missing in pigment.
  • 10/10 will repurchase!

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