Look: Maybelline The Powder Mattes

Because my 2017 Oscars Project had come to an end, it’s now time to show you guys my recent lippies loot: the new Maybelline The PowderMattes by ColorSensational. BeautyMNL were selling these for an introductory price of P199 each (originally P299), so what’s a girl got to do but buy a couple of ’em, right?

I bought five. Naturally.

There’s not much swatches available online, so I only picked the colors based on images of the lipstick on the tube.

Insider tip: do not trust them.

The first thing I noticed was unlike most Maybelline lippies, the tube colors are not consistent with this line – it depends, I guess on the color. There were the reds, the pinks and a nude. I don’t know if there’s more, though. I think there were 15 shades in this line? Don’t quote me on that.

Here are the reds: Plum Perfection and Noir Red:

There’s not much difference in the shades of the actual lippies, as well as the swatches. The “plum” is not plum at all. I can see the difference between the two, though. My love for red lippies trained me for that.

Noir Red, when worn, looks like a lighter red. It’s a boring red, might I add. Well, not really. It’s just it’s not something I have not seen before.

Plum Perfection, when worn, looks a tad bit like brick red, only more subtle, I guess.

Here are the pinks, Technically Pink and Fuchsia Flash:

At least these two have a very obvious difference.

Technically Pink, when worn, is a very muted pink. This is a surprise favorite, and it’s perfect for everyday, natural look.

Fuchsia Flash, when worn, is a more vibrant version of Technically Pink.

And the nude one, Make Me Blush:

Make Me Blush, when worn, is a muted orange/coral. Again, if you’re into the barely-there colors, and would wear lippies just to add a tiny bit splash of color, this is a good shade.

Here are the swatches in different light settings.

My thoughts:

  • the texture is weird and very, very interesting. It reminds me of the L’Oreal Tint Caresse which I adored. It felt like powder – a very fine one. It’s very comfortable. But I experience a couple of times maybe that I can really feel the roughness of my lips after maybe the 5-hour mark. So I suggest you scrub your lips before wearing these.
  • It applied very sheer, but it’s buildable. This could be an advantage for some, specially those who wants to control the intensity of the color of their lippies, but not for me. I had to layer three of four times to get to the color intensity I wanted.
  • Longevity is decent. It will lost its vibrancy after some hours, but it will leave a tint which would not leave you lips bare. Plus, since the lippie’s soft, application is kind of a delight so re-application is not a problem.

Will I buy the rest of the collection. No. That’s a pass for me, only because I find the color a tad bit less intense for my taste. Sure, I can build the color up, but why bother when there are literally a tons more of available lippie out there which can do the job in one swipe (like the Maybelline Creamy Mattes)?

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