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Oscars 2017: La La Land

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Movie info from RT:

Written and directed by Academy Award (R) nominee Damien Chazelle, LA LA LAND tells the story of Mia [Emma Stone], an aspiring actress, and Sebastian [Ryan Gosling], a dedicated jazz musician, who are struggling to make ends meet in a city known for crushing hopes and breaking hearts. Set in modern day Los Angeles, this original musical about everyday life explores the joy and pain of pursuing your dreams.

My thoughts:

  • First of all, I would like to disclose that one of my most favorite movie of all time is a musical. I love Singing in the Rain so much (that’s why Debbie Reynold’s recent death broke my heart in the most unimaginable way possible).
  • That being said, I don’t think La La Land is for everyone. If you’re not a fan of musical, you probably won’t like this movie so much.
  • Yes, I LOVE this movie so much.
  • This movie is always compared to Singing in the Rain, but I don’t think it’s fair for both films. Each have their own personalities.
  • Could Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling be this generation’s Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly. No. I think no one could be Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly.
  • Both Emma and Ryan brought their A-games, but Emma stole the show for me.
  • I don’t think I need to get into details how awesome Emma and Ryan’s chemistry was.
  • I especially ADORED the montage at the near end of the movie. It was perfectly done. The message was sublime. It was an absolutely delight (and a heartbreak) to watch. Bravo.
  • The technical aspect of the movie is also impressive, although I got a little dizzy on a couple of shots. I got a little bit of a vertigo bite.
  • I really, really like La La Land because I was still thinking about it days after I watched it. I think it was the ending, or the realness of this movie even if it’s a musical.

Since this is the first movie of all the nominees I watched, I would say that this is a strong contender – like I wouldn’t be mad if this won the best picture award. The heart-felt story, solid performances and impressive technical aspects pretty much made La La Land worthy to be a crowd-favorite.

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February 3, 2017