Look: Beauty Treats Eyeshadow Palettes!

I told you guys about these palettes I bought from Amazon, which, in breakdown, cost me Php 350 each (including the shipping from the US to the Philippines.

(I had them delivered to my doorstep via My Shopping Box (MSB). Read about my first experience with MSB here :))

Imagine that, Php 350 for a 12-color palette. I had little expectation from them. I knew that one of my most beloved and favorite Youtuber Zabrena raved about them so much, but when I opened the palettes, my optimism flew out of the window.

Sure, the colors were ok. But the smell – THE SMELL.

The smell pretty much gave away that these are super cheap palettes. It smelled very chemically and talc-y. Basically they smelled like horrible, cheap make ups.

However, using them is another story.

First, let me give you guys a some pictures of my loot:

Some of these palette looked similar to each other. These also came in matte and shimmer.

The ones in the cardboard packages have no label at the back.

This one (the one of the left, obvs) was not packed in a cardboard, so the information was at the back of the palette itself.

Here are closer looks on the babies. The back part are basically the same, aside from some slight difference on the ingredients.







Nudes and Neutral look identical at first glance. Neutral’s more brown and matte, while Nudes are glittery.

My thoughts:

  • The quality of these palettes varies. Some palettes are meh, some are super gorgeous. Some are dull, some are extremely pigmented. I will update you guys on each palette, but if you’re planning to get the whole lot, expect that they’re not all magic.
  • That being said, I did not at all regret buying these. The meh shades are buildable and… adequate. I mean it might take you more time building up some of the colors, but it’s doable. For their prices, these palettes sure are a steal.
  • Cool and Neutral are the only complete-mattes. The other palettes have shimmers.
  • I noticed that lighter colors (the light yellow, white, natural/skin tone, fades very quickly. The more pigmented and louder and bolder and darker colors are the more pigmented ones. And I mean PIGMENTED.
  • Because of the inconsistencies in the pigmentation, it’s smart to start light handed on the shadows.

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