My First My Shopping Box (MSB) Experience

My First My Shopping Box (MSB) Experience

I’ve been meaning to sign up with My Shopping Box for months now. I just did only a month ago because I was obsessing over a palette I watched a video of. Apparently this is not available here in the Philippines and I only found it at Amazon.

My Shopping Box is a door-to-door courier service. Basically, by signing up with them, you’ll get a US address and you can use this address when you shop at online US stores like Sephora and, in my case, Amazon.

There’s an annual fee, though, apart from the fee you’ll pay for the actual delivery of your items.  My annual fee was waived because I have a Banco De Oro credit card.

Anywaaaaaay. Here’s my experience. Take note that these all happened during the Holidays when delays were expected.

Spoiler alert: there wasn’t any 🙂

Here were the palettes I  wanted to order from Amazon. They’re from a brand called Beauty Treats. BT’s available here in the Philippines but I can’t seem to find these particular palettes. I’ll be writing a first impression/swatches/reviews of these babies soon.

Each palette cost $6, but you’ll have a buy-five-take-one-free deal if you’ll buy the lot of six since you’ll only pay $30.

Since I was paying for shipping to the Philippines anyway, might as well order them all, right?

Here’s a timeline of what happened (in PH time)

DECEMBER 23, 2016: I placed my ordered

And the waiting game begins.

DECEMBER 24: Shipped and Delivered

I was tracking my package during the holidays, and even though they said that my babies will be shipped to the warehouse of MBS a few days later, they were delivered and shipped the next day.

After that, the waiting game began. This was the “uncertain time”. MBS was supposed to send my a confirmation email that they received a package under my name, but days passed and I didn’t receive any emails from them. I think it was because it was the holidays. They did say to wait 2 or 3 days (was it?) after they received your items.

DECEMBER 28: I finally received an email from MBS about my package.

The link on the email led to the amount I need to pay them. Everything was easy. I was able to pay them via my phone while on a dinner date with friends. So.

I paid ONLY $11.62! This ultimately amounted to Php 580.42 as reflected on my credit card!

I was expecting it to cost at least more than Php 1,000! Not bad. Not bad at all!

For a long time, the status of my shipment was “accepted” or something. Sorry, I forgot. It was unchanged until a few days later when I checked on my package on my birthday. It said…

JANUARY 2, 2017: Departed USA


I opted for the faster (and relatively more expensive) air freight which promised to deliver my items 10 to 12 days. I was expecting delay because it was the holidays, but lo and behold…

JANUARY 10, 2016: Hello!

My babies were very secured! Here they are!!!

So basically, here’s the summary of the timeline of the journey of my new babies from the US to Manila:

DECEMBER 24, 2016: Ordered
DECEMBER 24, 2016: Shipped and Delivered
DECEMBER 28, 2016: Received an email from MBS about my package
JANUARY 2, 2017: Departed USA
JANUARY 10, 2016: Arrived in my doorstep

What I liked about MSB:

  • So much more convenient than letting your packages pass by the customs. Pay somebody else to do that for you!
  • Also, my haul’s seller does not ship to the Philippines. So yey!

What I didn’t like about MSB:

  • There’s no historical data of the tracking like that of Sephora PH’s.
  • Also, they do not consolidate packages apparently.

  • I was supposed to order some more stuff from Amazon but because they came from different sellers and will be shipped seperately at MSB’s warehouse, I opted to cancel it because I feel that it would cost me significantly much.

I am super happy with this transaction. I have nothing to compare it with, though so I don’t know if they did well or whatever. For sure I will be using MSB again!

Update 10-28-17: MSB now waives their annual fee! That’s such a relief!

Update: 11-23-2017: Referral Code

I just noticed that I have a referral code fro MBS. I dunno if there’s a discount for you if you use my code, tho. It says something about a $20 off I can give you? I have no idea. It was only $1.99, sorry! But hey, that’s Php 200 you’ll save! Full disclosure, I too will get $1.99. If you want to sign up anyway using my code, please click here (and use my code PASJZKV1). Thank you! 🙂

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