Birthday Diary 2017

Hey guys! I just turned 29 last week! Congrats to myself for surviving almost three decades of crazy. Good job, me!

Anyway, like what I did last year and years before that, I did a one-day, hardcore shopping spree. I was supposed to just treat myself a good massage instead of buying stuff, but… make up.


I was eyeing Mac’s Liptensity Lipstick since it was released (although it became available here in PH I think at the end part of 2016). I swatched this last month at Mac Trinoma and I was like, meh.

However, I finally grabbed one because it’s my birthday so why not. I have yet to own any Mac products, so might as well.

I opted for Post Modern, bright pink at first, but for some reason, it has a touch of coral to it. I was supposed to get Mulling Spices, a gorgeous red, but Mac Robinsons Magnolia didn’t have any stocks anymore.

It’s a beautiful lipstick. It may seem like an ordinary pink lippie, but I like the coral hint to it.

Application was seamless, it’s super comfortable, and longevity is in the more acceptable side of the spectrum. The color did diminished in intensity as the day gone by, but the color was still there. It was able to survive a day without reapplication.


I heard great reviews of the Infallible line of L’Oreal and they are on sale this month, so I went ahead and grab one of their lipsticks.

I got 312 Ravishing Red for Php 350. These originally sell for Php 500 a pop. I will try to write a separate review of this soon.


Read my review here 🙂

I also got a moisturizer from The Face Shop, but I forgot to take a picture haha.

I also bought a couple of more stuff that I don’t thinks will interest you guys (like a cellphone stand from CD-R King! HAHAHAH!)

So there you go! Happy Birthday to me! 🙂