Look: Happy Skin x Disney Princess Moisturizing Matte Lippies (Snow White, Elsa and Anna)

Although I am familiar with the brand Happy Skin, I never really owned any of their products and had no interest on getting into it. To be perfectly candid. I found their price range pretty up there, specially for a local brand.

Then, I was able to try one of their lippies, and now I am absolutely obsessed with them.

The college buds and I has this annual Christmas Party exchange gift extravaganza, and this year – since I can’t think of anything else – I listed on my wishlist the Happy Skin x Disney Princess holiday collection. I told the one who picked me (the giver was a secret) to surprise me with the color.

And this was what I got:

Thanks, J my loves <3

I was really eyeing for this shade, so I was soo surprised that J picked this. This sells for Php 699.

Since I LOVE this one so much, I also bought two more as a birthday gift to myself a week later.

I opted for a set of Elsa and Anna because it’s cheaper (Php 1, 299) compared to the price if I bought them separately  (also Php 699 each).

Snow White, Elsa and Anna are moisturizing matte lippies, with another shade Aurora. I think they also have moisturizing lippies (Belle and Rapunzel), and liquid matte lippies (Cinderella and Ariel).

These are twist-up lip crayons, so no need for sharpeners.

Snow White is a stunning red – which really reminded me of Snow White!

Anna is a the “nuder” of the three, but still it has a certain kick. It’s like a very much watered-down brick red. Ladies who are not into too much loud and shocking hues will adore this.

Elsa is a deep plum which demands attention. I think I like this best of the three (ok, it’s a tie between Elsa and Snow White!).


(Snow White)



My thoughts:

  • These lippies are LIFE! I had my doubts with Happy Skin products, but know I understand the fuss.
  • pigment = yaz!
  • comfort = yaz!
  • staying power = yaz!
  • These lippies GLIDE on the lips like a dream!
  • Longevity is also beyond impressive. Color will lose its intensity after several hours, but the color will live until the end of the day.
  • I still think the price is pretty up there, but if you’re going to treat yourself (because, say, it’s your birthday), these babies are very much a good buy. I am now a Happy Skin convert!

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