Look: Fisher Box Office VIP Cinema (Fishermall, Quezon City)


Fishermall, I think, has the most underrated cinema in the Metro. It’s not THAT much talked about, and based on my experience, not much people watch there. I think that’s sad since their cinemas are clean and spacious and overall awesome.

Very recently, Fishermall opened their Fisher Box Office VIP Cinema, a pricier version of their already very much adequate cinemas.

The VIP Cinema is located outside the mall, just behind the huge Uniqlo (parkway).

Basically, what made this cinema super fancy are:

  • reclining lazy-boy seats (!)
  • unlimited sodas and popcorn… (!!)
  • … which will be delivered to your seat (!!!)

I decided to catch Rouge One: A Starwars Story at the new cinema. I dunno if because the cinema is new or because they want to keep up with the theme of old Hollywood-ish, but everything was done manually. I literally chose my seat in a paper and the Miss there just highlighted the seat I wanted to occupy.

The movie costed P450.

Here are all the photos I was able to take:

The lobby of the cinema was truly really fancy – and most importantly, charming and clean.

Now, the inside was equally fancy, charming and clean.

I was seated there by the popcorn. That’s row B. At first I had the whole cinema to myself, but in the middle of the pre-movie trailer, two fellows came in. Booooo.

Here’s the button. I think it’s a on-off switch, rather than a buzzer. I could be wrong since it was dark. But the first two instances, I just kind of “buzzed” the button, but no one came. On the third try, maybe I pushed too hard, and a person came later. She then again pressed the button before she left. She came back with my popcorn.

Unlike the lazy boy seats in Trinoma, their lazy boys are fully automated.

Here are some photos of the comfort room. Because why not.

My thoughts:

  • If you’re seeing a good movie, the Php 450 is WORTH EVERY CENTAVO.
  • Rouge One was super awesome, that although I paid Php 450 for a non-3D screening, it still felt really sulit since I was in a different kind of comfortable the whole movie.