Unboxing: BDJBox Elite for December 2016 (Celeteque Extravaganza!)

It’s been a long time since my last BDJ Box. I think my last box was in May 2013. Oh boy. That was a lifetime ago.

I think the reason why I discontinued with the boxes was because they sold out really fast. Plus at some point, they did stop their subscription. I think.

Anyway, I decided to get one of their Elite Boxes that sells for P1,480. This was much more expensive that the previous boxes I own which only ranged from 400-ish to 600-ish, I think.

Well, BDJ promised a return of 6x more in the amount of the content of the box compared to the price of the box itself. There were also speculations in their FB page that the products will be from Celeteque (BDJ posts some teasers). I like the skin products of Celeteque, and I’ve been meaning to try their make ups, so this was absolutely perfect. Sure, sign me in!

BDJ also has a more expensive subscription, the BDJ Box Luxe, but those sell for a much pricier P3,750. But unlike their Elite Boxes, you know exactly what you’ll get in Luxe. Right now, their Luxe boxes include Elizabeth Arden products.

Anyway, here we go!

First, the box. Of course.

Whomp. That’s only the jacket. Here’s the ACTUAL box:


Don’t mind if I do, box.

I was welcomed by these info sheets with… infos.

At the back of the cards are information about the products as well as SRPs. I will be posting them below with the products. I think some of them are super problematic (like inconsistencies in the grams/ml of products), but I’ll be posting everything below verbatim.

There are also some ‘how to use’ cards which come in handy.

“On both eyelids” I love how this card is super thorough.


True enough, this is an all-Celeteque box, in case you haven’t figured that one out yet.


50ml | Php 249

From the info card:

A great way to remove all those makeup without hurting hour skin is  with Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil. It’s not  just a simple makeup remover because it also helps prevent and reduce fine lines and wrinkles and provides moisturizing and reduce fine lines and wrinkles and provides moisturizing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

50ml | Php 150

From the info card:

Keep your skin well hydrated with Celeteque’s Hydration Hydrolyzed Moisturizing Mist! It help restores skin’s moisture and improve elasticity and softness. You can use it as a moisturizer, skin refresher and as a makeup setter. So go on and have fun this Christmas season.

10g | Php 930

From the info card:

Maximize the gift of 2x beautiful with this CC Micro-hydrating Powder’s ultra-fine and hydrating powder that quickly blends and evens out your complexion. It even controls oil and shine for a silky, soft matte finish and keeps your face well-moisturized at the same time. Best of all, its SPF 30 provides double sunscreen protection.

Mine comes in the shade natural, which is the middle of its three shades. It also comes in light porcelain (the lightest) and deep beige (the darkest).

Since I don’t use powder outside of my daily morning routine, I might just use this as a setting powder. However, the compact, however bulky, is portable enough for a touch up since it comes with a powder puff and a mirror. I prefer to apply my powder with brush, though.

6.5 g | Php 600 (the box said 3.3g)

From the info card:

Rejoice in the winning combination of tinted wax and color-complementing eyebrow powder found in the Eyebrow Defining Kit! Shea butter and Tocopheryl Acetate or Vitamin E, moisturize and smoothen the brows for a well-groomed look. Argan Kernel Oil gives the kit a smooth texture for an easy-to-blend application for well-defined eyebrows worth celebrating.

Available in two shades: medium brown and deep brown. My box contained both.

15 g | Php 825

From the info card:

Look your best at any festive fete with the 24-hour Photoready Matte Primer! Its special ingredient, Polymethyl Methacrylate, minimizes the appearance of pores and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Other skincare benefits found in this primer’s formula are, Dimethicone and Dimethicone Crosspolymer, which form a protective barrier and increase the longevity of your makeup, and Silica, which reduces shine for long-lasting makeup wear throughout the night of your holiday celebrations.

4g | Php 745 (the box says 6.4g)

From the info card:

Reduce puffiness under your eyes and lighten discoloration after a night out of town with the 2-in-1 Eyebag Miracle Kit. It comes with CytoblolTM Lumin-eye, which visibly reduces under-eye bags and puffiness. The Eyebag Miracle Kit continious to wow with Vitamin E, which nourishes and dyrates eye skin, keeping it firm while minimizing lines. Antioxidants such as Ubiuinone, Squalane, and Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract help protect the area under your eyes from further skin damage.

I got the shade natural. It comes in two other colors, light and beige.

16ml | Php 665 (box says 1.6ml)

From the info card:

Celebrate the most sparkling of seasons and let your lips and cheeks sparkle with the Moisturizing Lip and Cheek Duo! Its oil-free, streak-freek mousse formula enriches and moisturizes lips and cheeks with powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants such as, Tocopheryl Acetate, or Vitamin Eh, which protects lips and cheeks from free radicals that leads to dryness, and Sodium Hyaluronate with Glycerin, which improve moisture-retention for softer, smoother lips and cheeks.

I got both available shades: rosy blush and soft berry.

16ml | Php 645 (box says 1.6ml)

From the info card:

Keep  your lips soft, hydrated, and supple all day long with the Ultra-Nourishing Lip Lacquer’s lightweight, non-greasy and smooth gel-based lip moisturizer. Castor seed oil in the formula provides intense hydration that keeps the lips healthy, while Panthenol moisturizes lips and makes it softer and smoother with each use.

I got the all the shades: natural, soft pink and velvet red.

6.5 g | Php 725 

Last but certainly not the least – the long-wear eyeshadow palette.


From the info card:

Sport vivid and naturally-tines eyelids at your next holiday party with the east-to-blend Long-wear Eyeshadow Palette. Take your pick and combine naturally-toned eyeshadow colors from the palette, after you apply the lighweight eye primer, which keeps your eyeshadow color fresh and vivid all day and night. Shea butter, Tocopheryl Acetate or Vitamin E, and Evening Primrose Oil help retain moisture for a smooth texture and easy-to-blend application

OMG I got three palettes: warm brown, pink orchid, and smokey grey. These three cost more than what I paid the box for!

So there you go. I broke down the prices to see if I REALLY got my money’s worth.

Advanced Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil: Php 249 X 1 = Php 249
Hydrolyzed Moisturizing Mist: Php 150 X 1 = Php 150
Cc Micro-Hydrating Powder: Php 930 X 1 = Php 930
Eyebrow Defining Kit: Php 600 X 2 = Php 1,200
24-Hour Photo Ready Matte Primer: Php 825 X 1 = Php: 825
2-In-1 Eyebag Miracle Kit: Php 745 X 1 = Php 745
Moisturizing Lip And Cheek Duo: Php 665 X 2 = Php 1,330
Ultra-Nourishing Lip Lacquer: Php 645 X 1 = Php 1,935
Long-Wear Eyeshadow Palette: Php 725 X 3 = Php 2,175

TOTAL = Php 9,539!!!!

Let me know if you want me to review/swatch a particular product 🙂

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