Look: Colourette Coloursticks (Morena Love: Rosewell, Portia and Roma)

Last November 25 – aka Black Friday – Colourette had this amazing 50% off sale on their website and it was glorious.

I blogged before about my delayed orders from the Colourette website and I said I would prefer to buy lippies from Colourettr via other channels. However, a 50% off is a 50% off. I really didn’t care if I receive the haul next year because a 50% off is a 50% off.

No, thank YOU

I opted to get the recently released Morena Love collection of Coloursticks. It’s a collection of four colors which are targeted for morenas. Since I am a mestiza, I kind of felt a LITTLE BIT excluded from the campaign. Good think the colors still looked good on may fairer skin.

I only got Portia (red), Roma (brown/nude), and Rosewell (berry). I opted not to get York because it looked grayish on thr online swatches and I am not a fan of that. In hindsight, I wish I also got one. Because a 50% off is a 50% off.

They claim to have these properties:

This will not be a review, since I already stated my feelings on the Colourette Coloursticks in my other blog post. Here’s a summary: pigmentation, lasting power, moisturizing factor = love.

He are my swatches on different light settings (yes, I’m bringing this back! Yaaaz!):

Portia is a rich, deep red. Beautiful color.

I didn’t expect to like Roma as much as I do. This is perfect for you fellows who’s not yet ready to try the other colors in this line.

I think Roswell is my favorite of the three. I just adore the deep berry color so much.

Again, honestly, I felt really excluded from the Morena Love campaign (but hey, you do you, Colourette!) and if you’re like me and you worry that the Morena Love line will not look good on fairer skin, then fret not. These are flattering on lighter skin colors as well.

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