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Look: Kandle Cafe (Mother Ignacia Ave, Quezon City)

Kandle Cafe is this awesome place restaurant well hidden in the Quezon City that I hope everyone hears about, at the same time, I hope no one hears about because I don’t want competition with seats.

I was able to dine here twice already so you might notice some difference in some photos. Others were taken at night when D and I met up, and at around noon when the whole office went there for MP’s birthday lunch.

The place is relatively huge (compared to other restaurants in the area), and also cozy and IG-worthy.



MP, who suggested the place to me in the first place, told me to try their KANDLE Burger (P250), which D and I did. The cute server also suggested their Mr. Egoy & Ms. Eggy Pasta (Php 240) which I also got.

Tee hee. I am very easy to convince, yallz.

I liked the burger so much I also ordered it during the office’s lunch out.

Look at this beauty:

KANDLE Burger (P250)

As you can see, there’s a slight difference. The bun of the burger during my date with D was a little bit more shiny than during our office lunch out.

Honestly, I didn’t even notice a difference it taste, but it’s something to take note of.

I LOVE THIS BURGER. I am very matakaw, but this one really made me sooo full. It was very flavorful and also very tender and yummy, and all around I recommend this very much. Now I want one! Arghh.

PLUS the serving of sweet potato that came with the burger i was a nice addition to the meal.

Mr. Egoy & Ms. Eggy Pasta (Php 240)

This was a pretty intense pasta – but in a good way. There’s an explosion of both flavors and textures. The sauce was rich and, well, not really creamy because there’s something about its texture. It felt like… crushed cooked yolk? I dunno. I’m bad with descriptions. But this was not at all a bad thing! I think the texture added a personality to the pasta.

The serving was also huge.

Here are the other food ordered by A and Ate K.

BBQ Pork (P280)

Soba (P280)


I ordered one of their hot teas and it was in this weird pot.

(tea. I forgot the price, I’m sorry!)

You might notice that the pot did not have a spout so how the hell would you pour the tea on the cup with this? (yes, you can’t pour it. Learned that the hard way.

The answer is you place the pot on top of the cup and something beneath the cup will be pushed and tea will be dispensed. It took us a whole five minutes to figure that out. Actually we didn’t even figure it out ourselves! We have to ask the kuya!

You can also ask for water to re-fill your pot if you ran out. I didn’t know that then, until the cute server asked if I want to.

L: Strawberry Milkshake (P150); R: Orea Milkshake (P160)

I was also able to try two of their milkshakes. A ordered the strawberry one, while D ordered the Oreo. Both were super yummy and extremely rich. So I think this could pretty much replace your desserts.

Latte (P130)

The coffee’s adequate. There’s nothing really remarkable about it.


Match Boston, Apple Crumble, and Tres Leches (three slices, the similar looking ones)

I’m sorry I was not able to take down the prices of these.

The office was able to try Match Boston, Apple Crumble, and Tres Leches.

If I were to choose, I’d go for Tres Leches because of the familiar, decadent taste. Matcha Boston is perfect for people who would like to try new things. Apple Crumble are for people who’s not in the mood for overly sweet stuff.

My thoughts

  • I LOVE this place. People are super nice. Prices are ok for their quality AND quantity in serving. Food are not mediocre at all. However, take note that food may take a while to be served.
  • PLUS the place is super instagram-worthy.
  • Pro-tip: the place’s usually jam-packed, so I’ve you’re having a casual date or meeting, better call ahead and reserve a table.
  • I think I like dinning outside more (I mean outside the premise).

Kandle Cafe
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December 2, 2016