Colourette Coloursticks (Harlem, Petra, and Uno)

As I’ve mentioned before, I absolutely ADORE Colourette lippies. My only regret was that I didn’t jump into the Colourette bandwagon soon enough.

I already wrote about their MatteMetallics. Now, here are their creamy matte coloursticks in Petra and Harlem.

Actually, what I ordered was one of their Starter Pak! which contains three lippies – two creamy mattes and their lip primer.

I picked PMS First Aid because I loved how vibrant the two colors included were. The Starter Pak! took me back Php 999, which broke down to P333 each lippie. Not bad specially since these babies regularly sells for P499.

Yas gurl! YAZZZ!

I have yet to truly put their primer to the test. I’ll update you guys on that if I have the time. It does claim to make your lip products last longer but darling, you don’t need that with these coloursticks.

Harlem is a gorgeous Barbie Pink, but a little muted, so it’s super wearable. I don’t know why but the shade reminds me of strawberry donut. Haha.

Petra is another pretty red. I don’t think it distinguish itself from my other reds, but I think it all goes down to Colourette’s awesome formulation. But the shade itself is not entirely unique.

Note that the color of the label at the base of the tube differs from the actual product.

Here are the swatches.

I don’t see any difference in the w/Uno vs w/o Uno. Haha.

Here are my thoughts:

  • I love Colourette lippies. As I’ve mentioned in this review, these babies has a special place in my heart next to the Maybelline Creamy Mattes which I ADORE SO MUCH.
  • Their creamy mattes are especially long lasting. I mean, the intensity of the color does mute down after a while, but there’s still a strong pigment even after hours of wear. So if you’re not the kind of lady who likes to retouch every now and then, Colourette lippies are PERFECT for you.
  • The texture of the lippies is.. well… creamy. An adequately rich kind of creamy. They do not dry down to matte matte, and do not look like matte matte.
  • I think the only drawback on these products is they are relatively more expensive than more popular, imported lippies. However, I think – me personally – that the price is worth it especially because the quality of their products is topnotch – but that’s just about as far as I can go price-wise. Some people might find the price to be too much. So  the remedy is to wait for sale!

Oh… Colourette is currently on sale right now!

As I’ve mentioned before, try not tp order from their website (I have a pending order from them now, and I am about to follow up because I haven’t heard from them yet).

They’re now available at Trinoma Landmark! FYI to my Northern girls 🙂

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