Look: Mercury Drug Suki Daybook 2017

If there’s one good thing that comes with me buying my parents’ expensive medicines monthly is that I accumulated enough points for nine Suki Daybooks.

Yes. Nine.

So, what is this Suki Daybook?

Mercury Drug apparently releases annually a sort of a planner (but not really a planner).

I don’t know how it was in the previous years but for 2017, 30 suki points equals to one Daybook.

You can earn Suki Points if you have a Suki Card (a sort of rewards slash points slash loyalty card). Every Php 200 purchase at Mercury will earn you 1 point. You can use your points to purchase stuff at the store. 1 point = Php 1.

(My BKK toiletries were purely purchased with my Suki Point, BTW)

Anywaaaay. I am giving the other Suki Daybook I got as gifts because who really needs nine of these, right?

Here’s my gift to you, my dear reader who I will name Periwinkle – a gift of having the opportunity to take a closer look at these babies.

As mentioned before, these are not exactly planners, but more of a notebook. You’ll see later.

It comes in three colors: orange, green, and red. These are also housed in carton sleeves. They are pretty, but not necessary.

I think the color is the only thing that’s different between the three.

These also come with a small pineapple trinket at the end of the bookmark.


There’s the usual personal information page.

You’ll have these handy calendars from 2016 until 2018. Plus a list of holidays.

This is the ONLY real planner aspect of the whole book. You’ll get a half-spread a month for all your monthly thingies.

If you’re a person who’s not into the weeklies, these monthlies sure come in handy.

The notebook is ridden with TONS of health-related stuff.

I expect nothing less from Mercury.

Majority of the daybook are lined, blank pages you can scrible on.

There’s going to be doodles and quick facts like below every page or so.

You will also have blank pages.

At the rear part is a Mercury Drug branches directory. Super handy for people like me who are REALLY Mercury sukis.

Sourcing is important!!!!

The little pocket at the back is a nice extra touch.

There you go you guys! You might want to consider these babies if you’re in need of a fancy notebook and too intimidated with a weekly planner.

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