Look: 2017 Design Your Life Back to Basics Planner

I am a planner girl. I have been keeping a planner since I was in college and these extensions of my existence kept my life together for over a decade now.

My planners were usually VERY messy and I liked it that way since there is no other joy equal to crossing off a task from your planner with much gusto.

I usually go for BDJ planners, except for 2011 when I opted for a Thomasian planner.

Recently I’ve been obsessing over planners and stickers and washi tapes and stamps. I’m such a Tita, I know. Instead of ordering another BDJ, I wanted to try others.

I opted for 2017 Design Your Life Back to Basics Planner by C&S Designs. I really can’t remember why I did. It was probably 90% impulse buying.

This particular one sells for Php 595, and is the largest of their three planners. The original Design Your Life planner is of the same price, but smaller and with more designs I think. Their Design Your Life Limitless Planner (undated) costs less at Php 550.

Here are some specifications and features lifted from their website re: Back to Basics.


  • TYPE: 12-month planner – weekly
  • DIMENSIONS: 7.75 x 8.5 inches with binding – bigger size!
  • COVER: hard cover with matte finish
  • PAGES: thick book paper – doesn’t blot!
  • PAGE COUNT: 180 full-colored pages
  • NEW FEATURES: bigger size – more writing space!; no-tear pocket; week starts on monday


  • Bigger size for a more effective planning
  • No-tear double sided pocket
  • Gold protective corners
  • Define your own system
  • Super cute and unique stickers
  • Double-sided pocket for papers, receipts, etc.
  • Motivational quotes
  • Simple, flexible layout
  • Monthly & Yearly Views
  • Travel Planners + Checklist
  • Project Keeper & Sleep Tracker
  • A space for your “Last Times” (doctor’s appointment, etc.) and “Monthlies” (your recurring monthly to-do list)
  • Expenses Tracker per month & Cash Flow
  • More notes pages

Since I ordered mine pretty early, I got some freebies (a handy carton ruler, a booklet of coupons, and a colorful gift box which I think I will transform into bookmarks because colors are really pretty). Shipping was also free.

I was expecting my planner on the first weeks of November, but received it last October 25. YAZ!

Let’s have a closer look:

The “Gold protective corners”

The “No-tear double sided pocket” at the very front of the planner, which are very handy specially for the stickers.

The planner also comes with these cute stickers:

Here’s the back part of the pocket page. I bought that sticker from beehappyph. Told you I’m into these whole planner – stationary – craft thingy:

Here’s the handy info page (half a spread):

Contacts (half a spread):

A guide on how to effectively use your planner (half a spread):

2016 and 2018 calendars (half a spread):

2017  calendar (half a spread):

There’s also a space below each month. I think that’s a nice touch, specially if there are annual event you want to track in a glance:

The “Last Times” (half spread). This is perhaps one of those factors that made me choose this planner. I specially need this since I have to track down the appointments of both my parents with theor doctors so this is SUPER helpful:

Here are also the “monthlies” (half a spread). As stated on the upper part of the page, it’s “a place to keep track of your recurring monthly to-do list, events, and etc”. I have yet to figure out what to do with this since the planner has a separate “bill tracker”. The “trackers” are probably the planner’s strongest suit:

There’s also an included full spread of 2018. Which I think I will alter to be my period tracker, perhaps. I mean, will I even still be alive in 2018?

The cash flow spread, which I can see, will be the most used part of this planner. I’m really serious with my finances, dah-leng:

This is the project keeper spread. Ohhh I can use this on my Oscars project. I only have one annual project. My life is boring.

There’s also a quick manual at the top.

A sleep tracker is also available. I might use this for my cardio tracker. Yes. I am planning to continue with my cardio in 2017. WOW!

Now, the very generous Travel Trackers. The first page is kind of a preparation slash summary page (half spread)

You’ll have a spread and a half of this (three pages):

An itinerary template. How very handy!

You’ll also enjoy eight dotted pages for your other planning needs:


This is what the monthly spread looks like. Colors are different every month.

There’s also a tiny calendar on top with the month prior and the month after:

There are small notes of occasions. Some are seriously legit (“Christmas Day, etc”) and some are seriously amusing (“Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day”, which after googling is a real thing).

There’s also a bulleted list on the right side…

… as well as a small space for non-list notes.


This is their weekly spread. The room for text is definitely narrower than my BDJ planner, but taller. Each column is divided into three parts by dash lines, and there’s a small bulleted box under:

There’s also a water intake tracker which I will be ignoring HAHAHA. The calendar at the corner is super handy since you’ll know what week it is in the month in a quick glance:

Like the monthlies, there’s also a bulleted list in the weeklies:

Also, there’s a room for “power word” and “week goal”:


Another attractive feature – two spreads of expense tracker… MONTHLY! I usually track my expenses via an excel file. This really is a nice addition to my life of planning.

You can check out their website if you’re interested in getting your own 2017 Design Your Life Back to Basics Planner, or any of their other two designs.

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