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ELF Philippines Haul! (October 2016 Edition)

Noviakins told me about how people are going crazy about an ELF sale, and during my day off, I went to SM Centerpoint (that’s Sta. Mesa for you, young kids), to check it out.

Needless to say, I bought stuff I probably really did not need. But no regrets here. Because make up, whatever kind it may be, is love.

Here’s a quick look on the haul and a tiny bit of first impressions/reviews.

Original Price: Php 499.75
Discounted Price: Php 269.98

My thoughts on the:

  • These only comes in very limited shades so I could not recommended these to the morenas. Boohoo ELF.
  • The foundation is very creamy and blended pretty heavenly (I used a sponge).
  • The finish is dewy, but that can be easily fixed with mattifying powder if that’s not your thing.
  • I like this one. Although it did not last me the whole day, it went ok for about five to six hours before it oiled up.
  • You only get a very little products. The last photo above was after only one full-face application.

Original Price: Php 199.75
Discounted Price: Php 59.99

My thoughts on the:

  • This was my favorite of the whole haul.
  • I love the applicator, it helped me do a precise winged liner.
  • Longevity’s ok with me. The winged liner stayed on my fez the whole day. However, it sliiiighhttttly lost pigment.
  • Also, they didnt have stock of black so i settled for brown.

Original Price: Php 259.75
Discounted Price: Php 129.99

My thoughts on the:

  • Again, the concealer (or the ivory shade) was a little dewy and absolutely did nothing. Or maybe I just dont know how to use it
  • The brow pencil was… Adequate. It stayed the whole day.
  • Maybe the what’s missing is a spoolie or brow brush.
  • NOT for precise brow application. As you can see, the pencil’s very large.

Original Price: Php 139.75
Discounted Price: Php 69.99

My thoughts on the:

  • I don’t like the smell. Smells like a cab which is trying to hard to load up with air freshener.
  • I think you can use this for the eyes lips and cheeks.
  • When I swatched it at the store I saw tons of shimmer. Sadly id did not translate to the cheeks and lids. It looked good on the lips, though. I just really really hated the smell.

There you go! Ate ELF said that the sale is until the supplies last. You can check them out. These are not the only items for sale. They also have compact powders and lippies 🙂

November 1, 2016