Colourette MatteMetallics (Broadway)

Let’s get straight to the point – I have found my new holy grail and I think I will do a great service to all the ladies out there when I write about this magical product.

Colourette is a local brand #pinoymade. You mighy probably heard or read of the brand from IG or Facebook. I already blogged about them here.

My first encounter with them was at PoshMark in Timog Ave. I remember swatching them and they didn’t come off after my night bath. I remember being so impressed that I have to look up how much they cost, and since I was in a brink of poverty (I still am, BTW), I didn’t even consider getting one.

Then I saw L’s swatches and they were gorgeous. Also, at that time they were having a sale so I though that was a good time as any to grab a couple of their products.

 photo Colourette Metallic Matte 02_zpslragbw3m.jpg

Today’s review is the new Colourette MatteMetallic. I also bought a Starter Pak but I will reserve my thoughts on that for another blog post.

Anywaaay, I chose the shade Broadway since lately I’ve been buying nude lippies and my face needed the color. Also, it was the standout shade for me.

 photo Colourette Metallic Matte 03_zpssacqdmm5.jpg

I was expecting Broadway to be a vibrant red, but it’s more orange than red. So keep that in mind if you’re considering this color.

Don’t get me wrong, color is still gorgeous.

 photo Colourette Metallic Matte 04_zps4r24wb1b.jpg  photo Colourette Metallic Matte 05_zpsmzv3hwhc.jpg

My thoughts:

  • If you’re expecting a very obvious metallic effect, this is not it. It has a certain “highlight” look, but it’s very subtle.
  • Sure the “metallic”-ness of this added an extra ump and texture to the applied product, but don’t expect a dramatic difference from, say, a matte.
  • Again, I am not saying that as necessarily a bad thing. If you like that, I highly suggest this lippie. It’s PERFECT for people who want to go beyond a flat matte, but are not very ready to commit to a dramatic look.
  • Application had a little thug, but not a dealbreaker specially the quality of this lippie is – for lack of better term – OMG YESSSS YAAAAZ YEEEESSSSSA!
  • This is not the most moisturizing lip product, so I suggest you exfoliate and moisturize your lips if you plan to wear this regularly.
  • Though it bothers me kinda that their metallic line has a limited shade range. They love them nude and brown shades, might I tell you.
  • The smell reminded me of my Sooper Beaute So Matte.
  • I also noticed that the actual product/stick is smaller than other conventional lippies. This bothered me a little at first but after trying one of their lippie and it lasted me the whole day, I was pretty ok with it.
  • After my creamy matte experience, I have high expectations on the longevity of lip products. Colourette’s lippies are probably UP THERE with the Maybelline Creamy Mattes in terms of longevity. Dare I say, even better? This goes to both the metallic and non-metallic line. I’M IN LOVE YOU GUYS.

Do yourselves a favor and try these puppies, guys! Ughhhhh yaaaz!

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October 18, 2016