Look: The Jim Thompson House (Bangkok, Thailand)

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Very very near Hua Chang Heritage Hotel is The Jim Thompson House. So we went there before we transfer to another hotel for a quick visit.

 photo JTH 02_zpsj7numtwn.jpgThe whole compound is open to the public, but you have to pay if you want to tour the house. The tour only costs Tbh 150, and it was very informative and interesting

You will be welcomed by some displays of thai silks, which are very much associated with Jim Thompson.

Jim Thompson was an entrepreneur who went missing while in a vacation elsewhere. He owned a wide and intense collection of thai artifacts and antiques. His house is super beautiful.

 photo JTH 03_zpsnck4xhyt.jpgSilk-making like a boss

 photo JTH 04_zpshxfkgd62.jpg photo JTH 05_zpsz9ixro1s.jpg photo JTH 06_zpsx5iz2vv2.jpg photo JTH 07_zps0yntlk16.jpg photo JTH 08_zpsjgamnwbz.jpg photo JTH 09_zpsnb93zda2.jpg

Multi-lingual tours are available, but of course we opted for the english tour. There were tons of tourists already in the area when we came, so we only had to wait a few minutes before our tour started.

 photo JTH 10_zpsqmmzmzuo.jpg photo JTH 11_zpsueh4vtza.jpg

There are certain areas of the house where footwears as well as cameras are prohibited. Everything’s organized, though since they have lockers for your belongings and shelves for the shoes. A+!

 photo JTH 12_zpszupi1ft4.jpg photo JTH 13_zpspkmfhqkr.jpg photo JTH 14_zpsq2l5rtv8.jpg

Is the house worth visiting? I think so. The items inside the house are really fascinating. The tour guide was very good. I mean, of course between this and Ayutthaya, you go with Ayutthaya. But if you have the time (the house is super near the Siam malls!), do not miss it.

For more information, please do  visit their website.

September 22, 2016