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Look: Hua Chang Heritage Hotel Thai Afternoon Tea

This is a part of The Bangkok 2016 Series of blog posts. Please click the link to access the rest of the entries 🙂

 photo Miss Siam AT 00_zpsniutrkbo.jpg

Aside from Hua Chang‘s incredibly filling set lunches, we were also able to try their traditional thai afternoon tea, Sritong.

This costs Tbh 600 for two people, according to their website. Sritong is served from  1:30-5:00 p.m.

The afternoon tea includes, well, teas. Overflowing teas. The choices for tea are extensive and intimidating, so might as well ask what they would suggest. I went with Very Very Berry.

And It was Very Very Berry Good.

*badum tss*

I’ll see myself out now.

 photo Miss Siam AT 05_zpsyzofkkld.jpg

I am not much of a tea person, but I adored the whole experience. It was relaxing and subtle and a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon in the middle of a busy city.

The teas were partnered with numbers of bit-sized wonders.

 photo Miss Siam AT 04_zpsomyerfq6.jpg photo Miss Siam AT 02_zpsyrasvue2.jpg photo Miss Siam AT 03_zpsyfjh1ynv.jpg

These are not all sweet as I expected (I don’t know why I expected that) but all were very yummy.

Seriously, not one of these I didn’t like.

 photo Miss Siam AT 06_zpswd2sg6xy.jpg photo Miss Siam AT 07_zpsa2v3oche.jpg photo Miss Siam AT 08_zpsvoozvzxh.jpgAgain with the coconut dip! Obviously, this was my favorite

 photo Miss Siam AT 09_zps7g48l3xs.jpg photo Miss Siam AT 10_zpsqke1b5pv.jpg photo Miss Siam AT 11_zpsnxoowu9e.jpg photo Miss Siam AT 12_zpsq7e24yve.jpg

Full Disclosure: M was given this complimentary meal, as well as stay at the hotel for two and I was her plus one AKA the lucky friend. We were not obligated to write positive-only reviews. I was not expected to write anything at all (I don’t think they know the existence of this blog). All opinions are my own 🙂

September 19, 2016