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Sephora Bangkok Haul 2016! (plus more!)

This is a part of The Bangkok 2016 Series of blog posts. Please click the link to access the rest of the entries 🙂

Hello guys. I am temporarily suspending Lippie Tuesday and Feature Friday because I will be writing about our latest Thailand Trip first. Sorry about that.

But I come bearing gifts! My first entry of the series will be about make up!

Duh. Naturally.

When M and I booked our Bangkok flights last year, the first thing that came into my mind was… Is there a Sephora in Bangkok?

There are a-plenty!!!!!!!!!!

Caaaaannnnn you feeeeelllll myyyy exxxxciiiiteeemeeenttt??????

Sure there’s a Sephora online store here in the Philippines but a.) most of the brands I would like to try are not available b.) I would like to feel the products first before purchasing. I mean Sephora =/= drug store so stuff there are pricier.


On our second day in Bangkok, we had a tad bit of a free time in the evening, so we decided to go to Sephora.

Welllll I think I kinda dragged M.

I was seriously freaking out!!!!! My first Sephora you guys! My FIRST SEPHORAAAA!!!!!

I mean:


I can’t remember which branch of Sephoa we went to. It’s one of the Siams. Will consult M. So it was the Siam Center branch.

So here is my haul. Well, we actually returned to a different branch of Sephora (Central Embassy) before our flight back to Manila, so this is a two-part shopping spree.

The haul seriously brought be to the brink of poverty. But it was soooo muuuuchhh funnnn

(Of course I also purchased some drugstore makeup while we were in Bangkok. See at the bottom of the post)

(Also, please do excuse my nails. I just came from a vacation)

Ok wait a short backgrounder:

a.) some of the prices have a 5 percent discount. I was offered a White Card upon payment, so maybe that did the trick. We didn’t have that discount magic on our second shopping spree at Central Embassy, though.

b.) I kindov came prepared. A year ago I was so excited about the whole Sephora thing that I told myself I was going to get that very much raved about Kat Von D Shade and Light eyeshadow pallet. But upon checking the Thai Sephora website then, I found out that they were not carrying KVD’s line then.

And because the make up goddesses love me oh so dearly, KVD released her line at Sephora Thailand A FEW FREAKING WEEKS before our trip!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you sweet goddesses.

I will TRY to post an extensive review of each and every one of these but that would take time. I will add some quick first impressions below because I love you guys so why not.


Let’s begin, shall we? (click on the names of the products to read my reviews)

Sephora Collection: Cream Lip Stain
Price: Tbh 470 (minus 5%)
Shade: Watermelon Slice
(Sephora PH linkPhp 804)

I actually bought this because of the color.

Sephora Collection: Outrageous Rouge Extreme Liquid Lipstick
Price: Tbh 680 Tbh 370
Shades: 01-Rose Seduction and 06-Ruby Provocateur
(Sephora PH link – not available)

I kept the intense ruby shade and gave away the nude one. Also, it was on sale, and it promised that only oil can take it off.

Errr I hate to say this but I’m 50/50 on this. I LOVE the intense pigment, but I don’t like how it felt on the lips. Plus yes it’s true it does not fade very easily. It just… peel.

I hope the nude one performs better though because I gave that one away.

I will definitely write a separate review for this.

Sephora Collection: Nano Lip Liner/Lip Liner to Go
Price: Tbh 270
Shades: Deep Brown and Deep Aubergine
(Sephora PH linkPhp 335)

Novia told me they are “heart” so I grabbed a couple. I am not a lip liner girl but I guess I should start being one.

Sephora Collection: Cube Pencil Sharpener
Price: Tbh 180 (minus 5%)
(Sephora PH linkPhp 235)

I also gave this one away. I am indeed a nice friend, contrary to the gossips.

Sephora Collection:  Multi Texture Sponge
Price: Tbh 200 (minus 5%)
(Sephora PH linkPhp 268)

I also grabbed this Beauty Blender kind of sponge. I watched great reviews about this one. So. Let’s see.

Kat Von D: Shade And Light Contour Eye Palette
Price: Tbh 2,000 (minus 5%)
(Sephora PH link – not available)

I love you so much, very very expensive palette!

Before purchasing this, I was like “Do I really need this” then the past Aika said yes. So yes.

Worth. Every. Freaking. Hard. Earned. Money.

It comes with this helpful guide. But who needs this when you have YouTube, amiright?

Kat Von D: Everlasting Liquid Lipstick
Price: Tbh 900 (minus 5%)
Shade: Lolita
(Sephora PH link – not available)

This was also included in my “priority to-buy list” (the other one’s the KVD palette). Maaaay gaaaahdddd soooo expensiveeeeee. This now holds the much coveted title “The most expensive lippie I own” previously held by a Smashbox lippie I bought on a whim which I still very much adore.

And i picked Lolita. Duhr.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner
Price: Tbh 780
Shade: Intense Black
(Sephora PH link – not available)

This purchase was not planned. But i really need a reliable liner and this one’s less expensive than the KVD one.

Here are the swatches:


Now, let’s go back to reality and look at these make ups I can actually afford.

Sun Cosmate

This store was an accidental find. This is connected to one of the BTS stations and I was like “hmmm…. what’s in here” and there were these:

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
Price: Tbh 390 Tbh 292

This, for me, is my greatest BKK success story. I already tried the RT sponge and I LOVED IT. LOOOOOVEEED ITTTT. Unfortunately, my former sponge gave up on me after months of use.

I bought that online for Php500.

This is only roughly Php380!!!!! It was also on sale!!!!!!!!!

Good job, Aika!

Milani: Amore Matte Lip Crème
Price: Tbh 540 Tbh 470
Shades: 25 Allure and 15 Gorgeous

I also watched tons of positive review of this product. I was not sure if Milani is available here in PH, though, so I didn’t take any chances and grabbed a couple of shades.

They were also on sale. I love you so SunCosmate!

Here are the swatches:


We saw Beatrium in one of the Siam malls and I was in so much Sephora high that I wanted to buy more palettes but can’t afford a Tarte one godfckingdammit.

So i settled for this:

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow Palette
Price: Tbh 299
Shade: Poster Child

I bought this before I discovered SunCosmate and SC sells these WnW palette at much lower price. This particular shade, however was not available at SC.

There you go guy!!!!!!!!!

So how much was my total damage? Let’s just say that there was this guy who was paying for Tbh 22,000-worth of Sephora products in the counter when we were paying and I was like “nope, not there yet”.

Someday, my love. Someday.

Yes, it was a guy. No judgement, buddy!

Tourist Tax Refund

Because of the awesome treatment of Thailand to its tourists, we were also able to avail of their Tourist Tax Rebate! YEHEY!

I mean, the refund’s pretty small considering M and I bought shtload of make-up, but still. It was enough for a meal at the airport. Not bad at all 🙂

To simplify the tax refund thingy, here’s what you do:

a.) ask Sephora or other participating stores for a tourist refund form. Don’t be shy. Have your passport number ready. They will give you a yellow form and staple the receipt into that form. If you have more than one receipt (as per the case of M and me), you can ask the Sephora lady to just combine them into one form.

You will already know how much your refund is in the form. There’s a corresponding amount  of rebate depending on your amount of purchase. Our first Sephora visit yielded Thb180 refund (purchase was Thb4,465) while our second visit yielded Thb120 (purchase was Thb 3,050 I think).

Ok before you judge me these were combined purchases from M and me.

b.) upon arriving at the airport, before checkin into your flight, look for the tourist tax refund window. It’s at the rightmost side of the hall. Show the forms (plus the reciept), and your passport. Also surrender the items (for a bit. They will just inspect it very quickly). They will stamp the form proving that they inspected it.

c.) after check in, look for the cashier. Give the form with your passport to the tax refund window. They will give you cash, but there’s a limit I think. I think there’s a limit as to the amount you can get in cash.

d.) dance happily.

There you go! I am indeed a happy child! Oh Bangkok, how you gave me much, much joy 🙂