Look: Hua Chang Heritage Hotel (Bangkok, Thailand)

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On our first two nights in Bangkok, M and I stayed at Hua Chang Heritage Hotel located at the Pathum Wan district AKA the district you should probably be familiar with specially if you plan to do some hardcore shopping in the city.

 photo Hua Chang 09_zpshm1xr4xe.jpg

The hotel’s lobby is really welcoming – probably because of its high ceiling. The color scheme of the hotel is also really simple yet elegant.

From the lobby, you can already see the pool and fountain. The sound of gushing water was refreshing specially after a long trip from Manila.

 photo Hua Chang 07_zpsvrqxlmud.jpg

Hua Chang also has a cozy pool bar. It was REAAAALLYYY comfy in there.

 photo Hua Chang 06_zpsdq5wry4b.jpg  photo Hua Chang 08_zpspbldiucs.jpg photo Hua Chang 01_zpszrnwpkuj.jpgThe room numbers are illuminated at the floor and not written at the door.

 photo Hua Chang 02_zpsq2o3bowa.jpgI particularly adoooored the design of the hallways. So edgy with a tad bit bite of elegance.

 photo Hua Chang 03_zpsbmhx7ggv.jpgI was obsessed with these frames of black nothingness which you could also call a mirror.
Is it a mirror, tho, or just a very fancy frame? There’s your mystery.

 photo Hua Chang 04_zps3q8rrcav.jpgChairs are also abundant in the lobby. And they are lovely chairs.

 photo Hua Chang 05_zpslxfensos.jpgHere’s me being a khaleesi and such


Of course we were not there to drool on the hotel lobby and hallways and chairs. We were there to drool at their rooms.

Hua Chang’s Miss Annie was kind enough to give us a tour of their other rooms.


 photo Hua Chang Deluxe_zps4pnl7qi4.jpg


 photo Hua Chang Suite 01_zpszl3y74qx.jpg  photo Hua Chang Suite 02_zpsu06twfab.jpg  photo Hua Chang Suite 03_zpsiopupesp.jpg  photo Hua Chang Suite 04_zps7cjeag0p.jpg  photo Hua Chang Suite 05_zpsrpdb1npq.jpg  photo Hua Chang Suite 06_zpszz2qmb4x.jpg  photo Hua Chang Suite 07_zpsibepzyvr.jpg  photo Hua Chang Suite 08_zpsvnq4acsr.jpg


This was our lovely home for two days!

I’m not gonna lie. I loved laying down on the rug.

 photo Hua Chang Premier Deluxe 01_zpsbuwm6kb3.jpg  photo Hua Chang Premier Deluxe 02_zpsvupkiofi.jpg photo Hua Chang Premier Deluxe 05_zpswtgtay3u.jpg photo Hua Chang Premier Deluxe 06_zps4qftlvbq.jpgThat big mirror on the left was a closet. We were staying maybe a whole 10 minutes when I realized that something was missing. Then I instinctively nudged on the mirror and it moved! Haha!

 photo Hua Chang Premier Deluxe 07_zpsdpz9x35o.jpg

Yes, as you can see, the bathtub is pretty much exposed. However, you can close the partition if you want privacy:

 photo Hua Chang Premier Deluxe 04_zpsdbs0naqv.jpg photo Hua Chang Premier Deluxe 03_zpsluzzvkag.jpg photo Hua Chang Premier Deluxe 10_zpswihfc8ku.jpgYou can turn on the radio in the whole room.

 photo Hua Chang Premier Deluxe 11_zpsqsfpjrw7.jpgFancy toilet! PLUS the toilet seat was ALWAYS warm! M and I were obsessed with it.

 photo Hua Chang Premier Deluxe 12_zpsgp6xevp7.jpg  photo Hua Chang Premier Deluxe 13_zpsae4lomwe.jpgThe room’s fancy control panel. It’s good that they use technology to their advantage

The amenities:

 photo Hua Chang Premier Deluxe 08_zpssedmvyij.jpgcomplementary water replenished daily

 photo Hua Chang Premier Deluxe 09_zpspjyihfav.jpgLOVE the lemongrass smell of the shampoo/conditioner/body wash

 photo Hua Chang Premier Deluxe 14_zpswx8vbixn.jpg  photo Hua Chang Premier Deluxe 15_zpss1xexbpu.jpg photo Hua Chang Premier Deluxe 18_zpsuxjfpr4n.jpg

The views from our window:

 photo Hua Chang Premier Deluxe 17_zps6fffmica.jpg photo Hua Chang Premier Deluxe 16_zpsvnzueunv.jpg

One thing we noticed was even if the hotel is smacked in the middle of a busy highway (there’s a BTS line as well), we really can’t hear anything. Plus 1!

My thoughts:

  • PILLOW OVERLOAD!!!! I judge a hotel by its pillows and Hua Chang is an A++++++!
  • I mean, why can’t all the hotels be generous with their pillow as well? PILLOW = LIFE.
  • The greatest advantage of Hua Chang is its location. It’s a very short walk away from the Siam group of malls, as well as one of the tourist spots in BKK, The Jim Thompson House.
  • I suggest you consider choosing this hotel if you’re in Bangkok to do shopping. As I’ve said before this is located within a short walking distance from those Siam something malls (Discovery was the nearest, I think). It was a relief to do some shopping on a friday night during rush hours and we didn’t even have to worry about the commute back to the hotel because we will literally just walk.
  • It’s also located very near two BTW station from different lines: National Stadium Station (Silom Line) and Ratchathewi Station (Sukhumvit Line).
  • I was able to access at least three PokeStops while in our room – including one inside the hotel. I feel like it’s important thing to mention that.
  • I was having a problem with their wifi in the first hours of our stay so I switched to mobile data (which was awesome). I was not able to switch back to wifi again while in the hotel so I don’t know how big of a deal it was.
  • Everyone was soooo nice and warm! I mean, I expect nothing less from any hotel, tho.

How to get there:

  • From the airport, we took the Airport Rail Link from the Suvarnabhumi Airport to Phaya Thai Station. It’s basically an end-to-end travel, and it took roughly half an hour.
  • At the Phaya Thai Station, we purchased a ticket going to Ratchathewi Station. Ratchathewi is the station next to Phaya Thai Stations.
  • Then, we took a short walk from the Ratchathewi Station to Hua Chang Heritage.

Hua Chang also has a lovely restaurant which I will review later, so watch out for that 🙂


 photo Hua Chang Price_zpspt5dfrrq.jpg

400 Phayathai Road, Pathumwan
Bangkok, Thailand
Website | TripAdvisor

Full Disclosure: M was given a complimentary stay at the hotel for two and I was her plus one AKA the lucky friend. We were not obligated to write positive-only reviews. I was not expected to write anything at all (I don’t think they know the existence of this blog). All opinions are my own 🙂